KLOUDBusters rocket launches

 Just east of Eden Road on 80th Street
6 miles south of Argonia, Kansas


 2021 Schedule  KLOUDBusters Map

Watching the rockets launch at KLOUDbusters near Argonia, Kansas
The line at KLOUDbusters rocket launches near Argonia, Kansas in 2006.
KLOUDBusters - Argonia, Kansas

Several times a year, rocketeers meet to launch high power rockets near Argonia, Kansas, an hour southwest of Wichita. The launches take place at the 40 acre KLOUDBusters launch site surrounded by wheat fields. The site has a standing permit for launches up to 25,000 feet and can get waivers for rockets traveling even higher. KLOUDBusters have hosted the annual Tripoli Rocketry Association national launch several times and hosted the inaugural Discovery Channel "Rocket Challenge" in July 2003.

The smallest, safest rockets launch from only about 50 feet away, but there are multiple launch pads further out for larger or more experimental rockets. Every so often the announcer calls for everyone to be on their feet when a new home built rocket is launched for the first time and might come the crowd's direction.

Often the smaller rockets are more interesting, since you can watch the entire flight and recovery. The most powerful ones rise out of sight and can only be tracked by radios. Sometimes 2-4 of the rockets are fired at once, and it is called it drag racing.

Some of the interesting rockets are little more than a couple of plastic rings with an engine in the middle - those don't have parachutes. One rocket was made from a small football, it had two engines - one to spin it and provide stability and one to propel it. Another rocket was made from Legos. 

Launches take place one Saturday, every month of the year except May and June. Bigger 2 day events are usually conducted the 2nd weekends of April and November. AirFest on Labor Day weekend is a 4 day event, with the big experimental rockets going up on the final day. During AirFest, rockets launch steadily all day, perhaps 20-30 an hour. Some are small, but other rise well out of sight. Some of the most interesting ones are those that don't go right. List of upcoming events.

KLOUDBusters provide a public address system, 20x40 spectator tent, vendors, portajohns, and FM broadcasts of the Launch Control Officer's audio. I recommend bringing sunscreen, awning, cooler, and chairs.

Take Argonia Road south from Argonia 7 miles to Highway 44. Turn east one mile to South Eden Road, left on Edan one mile to 80th Street and right on 80th about a third of a mile.

rocket drag race at KLOUDbusters rocket launches near Argonia, Kansas
rocket drag race

Lego rocket
Lego rocket being registered at KLOUDBurst 14 in 2004

Taping a documentary during AirFest 11 in 2005



Delta rocket at KLOUDbusters launch site in Argonia, Kansas.
Delta rocket that was spectacularly unsuccessful the following day

KLOUDbusters Map - Argonia, Kansas
 KLOUDBusters Map

2022 Schedule of Rocket Launch Events
Event Date
January Fun Fly Saturday January 14, 2024
February Fun Fly Saturday February 14, 2024
March Fun Fly Saturday & Sunday March 9 &10, 2024
Argonia Cup Competition
Saturday March 23 & Sunday March 24, 2024
April Fun FLy Sunday April 14, 2024
------------Break for Wheat------------
July Fun Fly Saturday July 14, 2024
August Fun Fly Sunday August 11, 2024
AIRFest 30 Friday August 30, 2024
Saturday August 31, 2024
Sunday September 1, 2024
Monday September 2, 2024
October Fun Fly Saturday October 12 & Sunday October 13, 2024
Distant Thunder '24 Saturday November 16 & Sunday November 17, 2024
December Fun Fly  Saturday December 14, 2024

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