Boot Hill Museum

 500 West Wyatt Earp Blvd
Dodge City, Kansas 67801
(620) 227-8188

Memorial Day - Labor Day
Daily 8AM-8PM
Rest of year
Monday - Saturday: 9AM-5PM
Sunday: 1-5PM

Age 11-64: $12    65+: $11    5-10: $9
Family: $42 (2 adults & children under 17)

Boot Hill Museum Map

Boot Hill Museum - Dodge City, Kansas
Boot Hill Museum Gunfight
Boot Hill Museum Gunfight - Dodge City, Kansas

The Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas is dedicated to preserving the history of the Old West. The museum is in the middle of a expansion construction project, but the work did not impact our experience in July 2019. The work will be completed in 2020.

While the museum is probably best known for gunfight recreations and the evening can-can show, I enjoyed the exhibits in the 1947 Boot Hill Building and tucked into parts of the building behind the old west "Front Street." 

Some people may feel the need to see the gunfight, to justify the $12 admission fee. The gunfights take place at high noon and 7pm during the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Your  summer visit should be timed for you to be present at one of those 2 times.

Other summer only events are an additional expense: old time photos, ice cream parlor, 6PM country style dinner and 7:30PM Long Branch Variety Show. In 2019 the dinner was an additional $19 for age 11 & up and $13 for 5-10 years old. The Long Branch Show was an additional $16 for age 11 & up and $13 for 5-10 years old. A combination ticket for admission, dinner ,and show was  $35 for 11 & up and $26 for 5-10 years.

The museum is named after the Boot Hill Cemetery, which was once on the northeast corner of the grounds. The name refers to men who "died with their boots on." Today the cemetery has simulated grave markers with the names of people who had been buried there. The cemetery was used from 1872 until 1878 when the remains were moved to a new Prairie Grove Cemetery, east of Dodge City. Prairie Grove was used only 9 years and many of the bodies were moved again to the current Maple Grove Cemetery.

The Boot Hill museum began as a community service project of the Dodge City Jaycees in 1947. The replica "Front Street" was started in 1958 and expanded over the years. Some historic buildings were moved to the grounds as well, though only the 1876 Union Church was open during our visit.

Boot Hill Museum entrance and gift shop

Front Street is a little confined during the construction

Boot Hill Building
People of the Plains exhibit in the original 1947 museum building

Boot Hill Cemetery - Dodge City, Kansas
Boot Hill Cemetery

Union Church - Boot Hill Museum
Union Church was the first church in Dodge City

Boot Hill Museum Ice Cream Parlor
Beatty and Kelley Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor

Home of the Long Branch Variety Show

Guns That Won The West - Boot Hill Museum
"Guns That Won The West" Exhibit

Gunfighter posing with a family following the gunfight

Boot Hill Museum Map - Dodge City, Kansas
Boot Hill Museum Map

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