B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar

4038 W 83rd Street
Prairie Village, Kansas 66208
(913) 825-2747

Sunday - Thursday: 11AM - 8:30PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM - 9PM

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B.R.G.R. - Prairie Village, Kansas
B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar - Prairie Village, Kansas
B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar

B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar was one of the first Kansas City area gourmet burger restaurants when it opened in 2010 in the Corinth Square Shopping Center in Prairie Village, Kansas. B.R.G.R. is similar to other local upscale burger bars, but for my money, is more comfortable and the food is better than the rest.

B.R.G.R has made a number of changes since I dined there, shortly after the restaurant opened. Most of them are for the better, for example, the half pound burgers are now one thick burger, rather than the two thin burgers they served at first. On the negative ide, they have eliminated several non burger dishes that were my favorites and the buns are now thicker than I like and have less taste. 

Most of the half pound burgers are $11-13 and are serve ala carte. Our favorite has been the 1/2 pound Road Hoss burger (bacon, Wisconsin cheddar, onion straws, bbq sauce, corn bun for $11.50) which is cooked just right. Since they are ala carte, the hamburgers, sandwiches and entrees are a bit pricey, but the drinks and side items are very reasonably priced.

Though they have eliminated everal of our favorite side, but there are still good sides and appetizers. My favorite sides are the fresh made fries and onion rings. The rings are large. Their coating is a little unusual, and I don't care for it much by itself, but it works well with the "special" sauce, which turns out to be a combination of the house made ketchup, mustard, mayo and BBQ sauce. 

Not that I use ketchup that often, but why do so many of these upscale burger joints make their own ketchup? I am yet to have one that I like better than Heinz Ketchup.

Want something besides a burger or sandwich? The other options are limited and the list keeps getting shorter. There are several salads, some bowls and a few other dishes. 

Half of the B.R.G.R menu is devoted to drinks - with or without alcohol. There are a wide variety of $5 shakes. They only one I have tried was the strawberry shake and it was very good.

The service has been consistently good. Attentive, but never hovering. 

Roadhouse burger at B.R.G.R
1/2 pound Road Hoss burger with bacon, Wisconsin cheddar, onion straws & bbq sauce on a toasted corn bun

Hamburger and French fries
BRGR Burger and an order of fries

Blackened Salmon

B.R.G.R restroom
 Men's and women's rest rooms share one set of sinks, with four locking, floor length, toilet stalls

B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar
.B.R.G.R. has a small heated outdoor dining and waiting area behind the bench at the left

B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar menu -  Prairie Village, Kansas
B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar menu from March 2021

B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar map -  Prairie Village, Kansas
B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar Map

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