Buffalo Soldier Monument
290 Stimson Avenue
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027
(913) 682-4113

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Buffalo Soldier Monument Map   Fort Leavenworth

Buffalo Soldier Monument - Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Buffalo Soldier Monument
Buffalo Soldier Monument - Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

While most people think only of the Eddie Dixon statue of a Buffalo Soldier on horseback, the Buffalo Soldier Commemorative Area at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas consists of the Buffalo Soldier Monument, the Circle of Firsts and the Walkway of Units which recognize the significant "firsts" in the history of African American Soldiers and units in the U.S. Army. It is part of a beautiful setting, overlooking Merritt Lake.

General Colin Powell was the proponent of the monument, when he noticed there was little recognition of the 9th & 10th Cavalry at Fort Leavenworth while he was stationed here. He dedicated the monument in 1992, when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military position in the Department of Defense.

The 10th Cavalry was an all African American regiment which was formed at Fort Leavenworth on September 21, 1866 and was the regiment that the Indians first called "Buffalo Soldiers." In time, all of the all black regiments in the United States Army were call Buffalo Soldiers and it was a sign of honor.

The Buffalo Soldier Monument is a statue which was sculpted by Eddie Dixon of Lubbock, Texas. It is a 12'9" bronze statue weighing 2,400 pounds.

The Circle of Firsts recognizes significant “firsts” by African American soldiers and units in the U.S. Army. The busts were also sculpted by Eddie Dixon. The first bust which was added to the Circle of Firsts was that of Gen. Roscoe Robinson Jr.,  a West Point graduate who was the first African American officer to achieve the rank of Army four star general. The bust was dedicated on May 27, 1995.

The Walkway of Units recognizes units which were the first. It includes the most recent monument - the monument to the Women of the 6888th Central Postal Battalion, who were the first and only all Black female unit to be deployed overseas during W.W.II.

Current Fort Leavenworth Access requirements

Visitors to Fort Leavenworth who do not have a Department of Defense issued ID card must stop by the Visitor Control Center which is open Monday to Friday from 7AM - 4PM and Saturday 8AM - 4PM. where reception clerks will verify that the vehicle driver has a valid license, registration and proof of insurance and that all passengers sufficient ID. Following a routine background check, visitors will receive a Temporary Pass and instructions allowing them to enter the installation. This may sound like a obstacle, but Fort Leavenworth does encourage visitors to this historic post. You are welcome here!The Fort Leavenworth Visitor Control Center is closed on weekends and all Federal Holidays. When the Visitor Control Center is closed, you may currently obtain a one day visitor's pass at the Grant Gate.

Driver's licenses with "Real ID" may used for identification. If you do not have Real ID, you must provide such documents as passport, voter's registration card, social security card, birth certificate, etc. Call (913) 684-3600 with questions in advance.

Non US residents may not be permitted on the fort and should call (913) 684-3600 in advance. 

Last updated April 11, 2022.

Buffalo Soldier Statue
Buffalo Soldier Statue by Eddie Dixon

6888th Central Directory Postal Battalion Monument
6888th Central Directory Postal Battalion Monument and Lake Merritt

LTC Charity Adams
The 6888th
Central Postal Directory Battalion
Women of Determination, Dedication, and Distinction
The bust is LTC Charity Adams, the first commanding officer and highest ranking black WAC in Europe.

Sgt. Walter Morris
This bust of 1st Sgt. Walter Morris, the first black enlisted Soldier accepted for airborne duty,
represents the 555th Parachute Infantry Company, the first African American paratroops unit in the Army.
It grew into a battalion and was nicknamed the "Triple Nickles."

Gen. Roscoe Robinson Jr.
First African American Army four star general in the United States Army

2nd Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper
2nd Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper was a former slave who was the first African American
to graduate from West Point and the first black commissioned officer in the Regular Army.

General Colin Powell bust
General Colin Powell
Former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State

Brig. Gen. Benjamin Grierson
Brigadier General Benjamin Grierson,
Founder and first commander of the 10th Cavalry Regiment

9th Cavalry Medal of Honor Recipients
9th Cavalry Medal of Honors
10th Cavalry Medal of Honor Recipients 10th Cavalry Medal of Honors


Buffalo Soldier Statue - Eddie Dixon
Buffalo Soldier Statue

Buffalo Soldier Monument Map - Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Buffalo Soldier Monument Map

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