Butcher Falls
Red Buffalo Ranch

Road 14
Sedan, Kansas 67331
(620) 725-4022

Butcher Falls Map

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Butcher Falls - Sedan, Kansas
Butcher Falls - Red Buffalo Ranch
Butcher Falls - Sedan, Kansas

Butcher Falls is beautiful and rugged between its rock wall banks. During spring high water it is the most impressive natural falls in Kansas. The 14' high falls is on Pool Creek, just a 500' above the point where the creek empties into Middle Caney Creek. 

The falls is located on the Red Buffalo Ranch, which sprawls across 8,000 acres, west of Sedan, Kansas. It is owned by television personality Bill Kurtis, who grew up in nearby Independence, Kansas and has done a lot to encourage the development and survival of both communities.

Butcher Falls is just off County Road 14, west of the fork where 14 meets Kansas Road. Public access to the falls is granted during daylight hours and is limited to 100 yards above and below the falls. The Butcher Falls Bunk House (shown in the picture above) can be rented with a two night minimum during the spring and fall.

Butcher Falls high water
Butcher Falls after a lot of rain in May 2015

Butcher Falls in May 2008

Butcher Falls bridge
Bridge on the private road leading to the Butcher Falls Bunk House

Prickly pear cactus flowers
Prickly pear cactus flowers next to the falls

White water above Butcher Falls

"Artist's Point" sign greets visitors to Butcher Falls

Butcher Falls Map - Sedan, Kansas
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