Clock Tower Bridge

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Clock Tower Bridge Map


Clock Tower Bridge - Jamestown, Kansas
Clock Tower Bridge
Clock Tower Bridge - Jamestown, Kansas

The Jim Elliott "Clock Tower Bridge" north of Jamestown, Kansas is a cool photo opportunity in north central Kansas. I put "clock tower bridge" in quotations, because although that is what everyone calls it, it isn't a bridge. It looks like a covered bridge, but is erected over a road, not over a body of water.

We stopped our vehicle to take a couple of photos from the road as we approached, then hurried on because another vehicle was coming behind us. Rather than hold them up as we took more photos, we drove past the entrance to the property and stopped to let them pass, but the vehicle stopped and the driver walked over to tell us we were welcome to come on the property and to give us a postcard of the bridge.

We assumed that he was the builder of the bridge, but as we went on up to take closer pictures, we learned that the couple from the other vehicle were Mike and Kili Land, who purchased the Snow Goose Lodge on the other side of the bridge a couple of years ago. The 80' red cedar bridge is on the Lodge property and was built in 2008 by the previous owner at the cost of about $250,000. A classic "folly" in the British sense of the word.

Snow Goose  Lodge is at the top of the hill beyond the bridge and has panoramic views overlooking Jamestown Wildlife Refuge and Sportsman's Lake salt marsh. The lodge has five rooms with ensuite bathrooms and you can rent individual rooms or the entire Lodge. There is also a separate bunkhouse which sleeps three.

Mike and Kili Land -  Clock Tower Bridge
Kili and Mike Land

Interior of the "Clock Tower Bridge"


Direction signpost

Clock Tower Bridge with Snow Goose Lodge on the hill

Clock Tower Bridge Map - Jamestown, Kansas
Clock Tower Bridge Map

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