The Corner Pharmacy

429 Delaware Street
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048
(913) 682-1602

Permanently closed 3/19/05

The Corner Pharmacy Map

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The Corner Pharmacy - Leavenworth, Kansas
The Corner Pharmacy in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas.
The Corner Pharmacy - Leavenworth, Kansas

Archive page only. The owner, Ron Booth, retired and the Corner Pharmacy closed on March 19, 2015.

The I can't say enough about the soda fountain and lunch counter at the Corner Pharmacy in Leavenworth, Kansas

There has been a pharmacy at this location in Leavenworth for over 130 years, but the current building was built in 1905. The present pharmacist, Ron Booth, bought the pharmacy in 1980. He restored the store and moved & expanded the soda fountain, installing a 40 feet long handmade mahogany bar and all of the accruements that you will remember from drug store lunch counters in the 1960s.

The food is excellent and the prices will help take you back in time. There are daily lunch specials for under $5, a cup of homemade chili is $2.19, and one of the daily specials the last time I visited was a hot dog, fries and a 14 ounce soft drink for only $2.89!

The Corner Pharmacy opens at 7:30 AM and breakfast is served all day. The daily breakfast special is 2 eggs, choice of bacon or sausage, hash browns & toast for $4.69.

You can even get a phosphate or Green River soda - "First for Thirst Since 1919."

The counter staff is friendly and never stops cleaning, cooking and serving. My only compliant is the Corner Pharmacy isn't open in the evenings except for Thursdays.

The Corner Pharmacy was 100% non smoking before it became the law.


Chocolate Malt at Leavenworth's Corner Pharmacy
Chocolate Malt

soda fountain and lunch counter at the Corner Pharmacy

The Corner Pharmacy Map - Leavenworth, Kansas
The Corner Pharmacy Map

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