Destination Kitchen

115 West Main Street
Norton, Kansas 67654
(785) 877-2911

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Saturday: 9AM - 3PM

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Destination Kitchen - Norton, Kansas
Destination Kitchen
Destination Kitchen - Norton, Kansas

Destination Kitchen in Norton, Kansas is a combination kitchen store and restaurant with an attached fabric shop called Stitch Up A Storm. The menu is half gourmet sandwiches and half wood fired brick oven pizza. They also have soup, house made pastries and a salad bar.

Linda had the "Good Fellow," a $12.99 brick oven pizza with olive oil, jerk chicken, fresh tomato, roasted red pepper, fresh basil and mozzarella. She had been a little concerned that the jerk chicken would be too spicy, but we didn't notice the "jerk" and she was very happy with the pizza.

I had a Classic Reuben, which they described as layers of juicy corned beef topped with homemade kraut, a slice of Swiss cheese and a smear of their own Russian dressing on marble rye. It was only $7.99 with kettle chips and a pickle and was the best Reuben I have had this year. I thought the various ingredients were perfectly balanced and I could tell it was homemade sauerkraut, even though I hadn't noticed that it said that on the menu.

Our young server didn't ask if we wanted desserts and there were none listed on the menu, but as I was paying at the register near the front of the store, I saw a selection of large, house made cookies. We got three, peanut butter, chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. The first two were good, but it was the best snickerdoodle I have ever had!

Destination Kitchen store
Destination Kitchen

Destination Kitchen dinning room
Destination Kitchen dinning room

Pizza at Destination Kitchen
Good Fellow pizza

Reuben sandwich - Destination Kitchen
Classic Reuben

Destination Kitchen cookies
House made cookies

Destination Kitchen Menu - Norton, Kansas
Destination Kitchen Menu from July 2021

Destination Kitchen kids Menu - Norton, Kansas
Destination Kitchen Kids Menu

Destination Kitchen Map - Norton, Kansas
Destination Kitchen Map

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