Drury Dam Waterfall
Drury Park Dam & Mill

 West 175 Street South
Caldwell, Kansas 67022

Free for a visit of 30 minute or less, otherwise $2

Drury Dam Waterfall Map

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Drury Park Dam and Waterfall 1883
Drury Dam Waterfall - Caldwell, Kansas
Drury Dam Waterfall

Drury Dam Waterfall is an overflow falls formed by the Chikaskia River dam in Drury, Kansas. This waterfall has been the falls most recommended to me as I have developed the Guide to Kansas Waterfalls

The unincorporated community of Drury is in south central Kansas, close to the Oklahoma state line. The tiny community was the setting for the movie Americana which was produced and directed by David Carradine. One web site says that a photo of the Chikaskia River was used on the cover of a record album, but I have been unable to confirm that.

Most of this stretch of the Chikaskia River is on private property, but the dam is part of Drury Park, which offers fishing and a picnic area. Drury Recreation Area Inc. requests that anyone who stays more than 30 minutes in the park pay a $2 fee and there is a slot by the park entrance where the fee can be deposited.

Camping is permitted in Drury Park. Alcohol, swimming and guns are not.

Drury Park is located on 175th Street South 6.5 miles east of Caldwell, Kansas. It is 2/3s of a mile south of US 81 between Perth Road and Drury Road.

Old  Drury Mill and Dam
Mural of the original Drury Mill and Dam at the entrance to Drury Park - painted by Kathy Powell



The 1883 Drury Mill was destroyed by a fire in 1953


Drury Milll Stones
The mill burrs (grinding stones) were imported from France - together they weigh 2300 pounds 

Drury Mill and dam
Old postcard showing the Drury Mill and dam

Drury Dam Waterfall Map - Caldwell, Kansas
Drury Dam Waterfall Map

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