Eagle Valley Raptor Center 
927 North 343rd Street West
Cheney, Kansas 67025
(316) 393-0710   RaptorCare@aol.com

Tours available by appointment
$5 donation suggested

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Eagle Valley Raptor Center in Cheney, Kansas
Eagle Valley Raptor Center - West Cheney, Kansas
Eagle Valley Raptor Center in 2011

Eagle Valley Raptor Center near Cheney, Kansas was started in 2003 to promote conservation of birds of prey through public education, and provide shelter and care to injured & orphaned raptors. Raptors are birds of prey such as hawks, falcons, owls, vultures, eagles, ospreys, condors and kites.

The Center and living quarters occupy 10 acres and there are an additional 10 acres of tall grass prairie with a nature trail & small wetlands area. The Eagle Valley Raptor Center is two miles north of US Highway 54, just west of Garden Plain, Kansas. Eagle Valley is a 501.3(c) charity. On average over 100 birds a year receive care for injuries, poisoning or orphaned as babies. Whenever possible, the birds are returned to the wild.

Admission to the Eagle Valley Raptor Center is by appointment for individuals, families, and groups such as schools, scouts, churches or seniors. A visit includes a one hour tour. A $5 donation is suggested.

There is a picnic and teaching pavilion, and catering is available with advance scheduling. The Eagle Valley Raptor Center also offers off site bird of prey programs and a variety of educator resources to prepare for classroom visits.

"Avatar" is a young spectacled owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata) which came to Eagle Valley in early 2011

Cessna is Eagle Valley's newest bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). She came from Juneau,
Alaska and has an injury on her left wing that prevents 4 of her main primary feathers from
growing in. The Cessna Aircraft Company helped fly her to Kansas. 

Keith Stokes and WaSu the American bald eagle
WaSu is a bald eagle that was shot in the left wing and sustained nerve and muscle damage along with
a broken bone. He flies short distances, but cannot fold the wing up all the way. He came from
the Sardis Raptor Center in Ferndale, Washington. 

WaSu and Cessna now share a large enclosure which was built as Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects.

Bonnie is a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) who was found along Highway 54 near Kingman,
Kansas. Eagle Valley Raptor Center Program Director, Ken Lockwood is working Bonnie in free flight.

.Snowy Owl at Eagle Valley Raptor Center
Tundra is a male snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) that was captive breed in New York. 

These baby vultures came to Eagle Valley Raptor Center from a building that was destroyed by
a tornado in June of 2008.

American Kestrel chick
This American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) female was about 5 weeks old when photographed,
she would be released to the wild in 6 more weeks. Prints this photo

Samoyed dog, Tasha
This lovable blind Samoyed, Tasha has become an ambassador for Eagle Valley Raptor Center.

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