Echo Cliff Park

Echo Cliff Road
Dover, Kansas 66420
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Echo Cliff Park Map

Echo Cliff Park - Dover, Kansas
Echo Cliff Park
Echo Cliff Park - Dover, Kansas

Echo Cliff Park, southwest of Dover, Kansas is in an area once known as Gibbsville. It is a cool little park owned by the Echo Cliff Park Trust. The park area was cleared the 1920's and was eventually deeded to the Dover Grange to be preserved for the public. 

The park has unusual folk art signs, picnic tables and a shelter which were all built from scrap metal and concrete by Earl Hepworth, a local farmer who has been a caretaker of the park since the 1960s.

Mission Creek enters the park, passing under two bridges and runs past the foot of the 50' cliffs which gives Echo Cliff Park its name. One of the bridges carries Echo Creek Road over the creek. It stands next to a truss bridge which was built in about 1920 and it is no longer open to vehicles, just pedestrians.

Echo Cliff received its name in 1895, but there is archeological evidence that Native Americans lived or camped here over 1000 years ago. More recently it may have been the site of a Kanza Indian village encampment. 

Overnight camping is prohibited.

Echo Cliff

Once of the hand crafted picnic tables

Echo Cliff Park picnic tables - Dover, Kansas
No two picnic tables are alike.

Picnic shelter at Echo Cliff Park
Notice the wagon wheels incorporated in the shelter

90' Pony Truss Bridge

Mission Creek Bridge - Wabaunsee County, Kansas
Although the bridge which replaced this one (visible at the left) appears to also be old. We learned that this
bridge was not replaced until 2011.

Echo Cliff Park Map - Dover, Kansas
Echo Cliff Park Map

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