Underground World & Haunted Wolf Hotel

1 North Main Street
Ellinwood, Kansas 67526
(620) 617-6915 or (620) 564-2400

Ellinwood Underground: $6 adults
Wolf Hotel: $6       $10 combined
Call for reservations

Bullet holes in the Ellinwood underground barbershop wall
Bullet holes in the Ellinwood underground barbershop wall
Walkway to Ellinwood, Kansas undergound businesses
The walkway to the underground businesses lies directly beneath the main street sidewalks,

The following review is now out of date. Since the visit it was based on, the Wolf Hotel has been purchased by Christopher McCord who restoring the Hotel with plans for the top floor becoming a bed & breakfast, and other plans for farther down the line.

The contact info and fees listed above are accurate.

Ellinwood, Kansas lies on the Santa Fe Trail near Great Bend. When it was settled by German immigrants in the 1870s, the town was laid out with a two block business district, the same business area the town has today. But they included underground walkways beneath the sidewalks and there was another whole set of businesses below the ground level stores. At the peak, there included 11 saloons. Next to the underground walkway, there were coal bins for the businesses, and the sidewalk would be pried open when coal was delivered.

In the 1920s and 30s, the town was shrinking and natural gas replaced coal. The underground businesses closed, and in the 1940s, walls were placed in the walkway, separating the buildings. In some places the underground was used as a basement, in others, they were closed up with the original business furnishings left in place.

Many years later, Adrianna Dierolf inherited the Dick Building. As a young girl, she wasn't permitted to go down to the underground, but this was her chance and she hired someone to open up one of the entrances. She discovered that many of the shop furnishings had been left behind.

Adrianna started showing people the tunnels in 1981, but when Ellinwood replaced its sidewalks in 1982, the community filled most of them with sand. Only 3 sections were kept open, and today's tours are under the section at the Dick building, which housed a harness maker, barber, and bathhouse underground.

Today, the Ellinwood Museum Association offers tours of the Ellinwood Underground World. James Elliott leads the tours, which depart from the nearby Wolf Hotel. James has a great voice and does a good job of making the history of Ellinwood interesting.

Calling this attraction the "Underground World" is a bit misleading. It makes it sound much larger than it is. The tour can only visit a small portion of the Underground beneath the Dick Building. Still, it is well worth a one hour visit.

While touring Kansas, I've learned to ask if there are any ghost stories about the old attractions I visit. In this case, James said he knew no ghost stories about the underground, but there were several spirits in the old hotel where he has the antique shop. Following the tour, his partner, Bill Starr, told us about his experiences with three ghosts, 2 friendly and one not, in the 1894 Hotel Wolf where they live. He also told us about a ghost at Dozier winery south of Ellinwood.

Bill says that they believe that one of the spirits in the Wolf Hotel was a young woman. It is mischievous  and moves items when they are out of the upstairs room. Other times, it places nuts and other items under pillows.

The malevolent ghosts is believed to be the spirit of of a African American man who was shot by a police officer during the period of sundown laws. He was shot in the alley outside the hotel and died in the boiler room in the hotel's basement.

The third spirit said to haunt the Wolf Hotel is that of Bernard J. Millet, who committed suicide in the hotel dining room on February 24, 1927. A "dinner with a ghost" was hosted in the Wolf Hotel on the 80th anniversary of Millet's death in 2007, but there were no unusual manifestations.

Ellinwood Valentine Diner
Today's entrance to the Ellinwood Underground is from the Dick building, with access behind this old
"Valentine Diner." Started during the depression, Valentine Diners were prefabricated eight to ten seat diners,
built in Wichita, Kansas and assembled on site. This one was last used as a liquor store.

James Elliot and Carol Doms at entrance to Underground Ellinwood
James Elliott and Carol Doms hold up a diagram showing the businesses, walkways and passages that
were in Underground Ellinwood.

Harness Shop with furnishing left behind when it closed

Jung's Barber Shop
Jung's Barber Shop still has the original mirror, over one hundred years old.

More of Jung's Barber Shop

Bath room and laundry behind the barber shop

James Elliott says that this bed, separated from the bathing area by just the short wall at right, was used
to entertain by a lady of the evening.

Haunted Wolf Hotel
The haunted 1894 Wolf Hotel is in on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Dick Building in Ellinwood Kansas
The Ellinwood Underground World is beneath the Dick Building. The manholes in the
sidewalk light the coal bins along the underground walkway.

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