Ennis-Handy House

 202 W 13th Street
Goodland, Kansas 67735
(785) 890-3515

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
& Friday from 1 - 5PM
or by appointment

Adults: $5   Over 59: $4   Age 2-11: $3

Ennis-Handy House Map


Ennis-Handy House - Goodland, Kansas
Ennis-Handy House
Ennis-Handy House - Goodland, Kansas

Ennis-Handy House is a 1907 two story Queen Anne style home in Goodland, Kansas. The Sherman County Historical Society purchased the house in March 2001 and has done extensive renovation and furnishing of the home. A guided tour includes a detailed explanation of what they have done and how they decided what the looked like in its early years. 

The original owners lived in the home until 1917, when it was converted to a boarding house. It returned to being a single family home in 1930, and was used as the Bower Funeral Home in 1939 - 1944. It returned to use as a home until 2000. The Ennis-Handy House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006. In 2008, it was named on of the Eight Wonders of Sherman County.

Although it was not promoted during our tour, there is a tradition that the Ennis-Handy House is haunted. Reports have included objects flying across the room, doors that open and close on their own, footsteps and flickering lights.

The streets at the Ennis-Handy House were bricked in 1921 and remain that way today. In the park across from the home, is a 20' ta;; painting on an tall easel inspired by Goodland's famous Big Easel reproduction of Van Gogh's Three Sunflowers in a Vase painting. Other "mini easel" Art in the Parks can be found around Goodland.

Ennis-Handy House living room
Front Room

Music Room

Dinning Room

One of the upstairs bedrooms

Picnic in the Park mini easel painting in the park - Goodland, Kansas
“Picnic in the Park“ by Cally Krallman

Victory Fountain - Goodland, Kansas
Victory Fountain in Chambers Park

Ennis-Handy House Museum - Goodland, Kansas

Ennis-Handy House Map - Goodland, Kansas
Ennis-Handy House Map

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