Field Station: Dinosaurs 

2999 North Rock Road
Derby, Kansas 67037
(855) 833-3466

Saturday & Sunday through October 39
Jurassic Golf open Friday - Sunday

Adults $16.75  Age 2-11 $13.75

Field Station: Dinosaurs Map

Field Station: Dinosaurs - Derby, Kansas
Field Station: Dinosaurs
Field Station: Dinosaurs - Derby, Kansas

Field Station: Dinosaurs in Derby, Kansas is a fun Kansas theme park which opened in 2018. The 14 acre, suburban Wichita park has 44 life sized animatronic dinosaurs. They move their head, mouth or tail, rather than walking. The dinosaurs are motion activated, so they respond when your family moves close to them. The largest dinosaur, the Alamosaurus, is 90 feet long.

Admission to Field Station: Dinosaurs includes shows in the amphitheater as well as a variety of programs and activities at sites throughout the park including games, digging for fossils, a scavenger hunt, Jurassic Golf, science and other activities. We feel that the typical visitor to the park will spend 2 - 4 hours. Although there are things here to entertain all ages, Field Station: Dinosaurs is particularly a hit with ages 4 - 10. Smaller children do not appear to be frightened.

The cast members at Field Station: Dinosaurs have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and do a good job of passing that along to the park visitors. 

In the fall, the concessions area has hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, popsicles, soda, water, and sports drinks on weekends. Your ticket is good all day, so you can leave the park to picnic or visit a nearby restaurant and then return to the park. A picnic pavilion is available outside the park.

Field Station: Dinosaurs also has miniature golf course, which can be visited separately from the dinosaurs. You can play Jurassic Golf for $7/each or it is included in a day pass.

Derby is the second location for Field Station Dinosaurs. The first park opened in New Jersey in 2012. This Kansas park places an emphasis on dinosaurs which were in this part of the country and includes new activities such as the Challenge Dome.

Claosaurus and Triceratops
Claosaurus (discovered in Kansas in 1872) and Triceratops (discovered in Colorado in 1889)

Edmontosaurus - Field Station: Dinosaurs

Hypsibema Missouriensis - Field Station: Dinosaurs
Hypsibema Missouriensis (first discovered in Glen Allen, Missouri)

Dryptosaurus - Field Station: Dinosaurs

Paleontologistsí Laboratory at Field Station: Dinosaurs
Paleontologistsí Laboratory (Currently closed)

Compsognathus at Wichita's Field Station: Dinosaurs
Compsognathus raiding the science camp

T-Rex Feeding Frenzy - Field Station: Dinosaurs
The 14' T-Rex at the T-Rex Feeding Frenzy show

Tylosaurus - Field Station: Dinosaurs
Tylosaurus (discovered by George F. Sternberg in the Smoky Hill Chalk of Logan County, Kansas)

Jurassic Golf - Field Station Dinosaurs
Jurassic Golf


Field Station: Dinosaurs Map - Derby, Kansas
Field Station: Dinosaurs Map

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