Fort Dodge
Kansas State Soldiers Home

 714 Sheridan
Fort Dodge, Kansas 67843
(620) 227-2121

open year around

Fort Dodge Sutlers Store
Sutlers Store - Fort Dodge community general store

Canon at Fort Dodge, Kansas

Fort Dodge is located approximately 5 miles East of Dodge City, Kansas, on Highway 400. The fort was built in 1865. The first buildings were sod and adobe, and lumber arrived and the first wooden buildings were erected in. in 1866. Fort Dodge was only used as a fort for 17 years.

In January 1890, Fort Dodge was deeded to the State of Kansas for use as the Kansas State Soldiers Home. When it opened, residents included veterans of the Mexican-American War, Indian Campaigns and both sides from the Civil War.

The Kansas Veterans' Cemetery was opened in 2002.

At normal times, several buildings at the Fort Dodge Soldiers Home are open for tours, and visitors are welcome to walk or drive through the grounds.

Custer House at the Kansas Soldiers' Home at Fort Dodge
The Custer House is the residence of the Kansas Soldiers' Home Superintendent. Like the Custer house
at Fort Riley, Custer never lived in this home at Fort Dodge.

Kansas Soldiers Home fire truck

Fort Dodge Post Office - Dodge City, Kansas
Fort Dodge Post Office

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