Geary Lake Falls 

Geary State Fishing Lake
Geary County State Park
Junction City, Kansas
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Geary Lake Falls Map

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Geary Lake Falls - Geary County State Park
Geary Lake Falls
Geary Lake Falls

Geary Lake Falls, south of Junction City, Kansas, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kansas. It is formed by the outlet from Geary State Fishing Lake and is only active in the spring or after a heavy rain.

To get to Geary Lake Falls from I-70 in Junction City, drive south 6 miles on Highway 77. Turn right (west) on State Lake Road about 2,000 feet to the sign that says "Geary State Lake" on your left. Turn into the park, over the top of the hill and off onto the unimproved road to your right. Park at the northeast end of the lake and walk about a quarter of a mile across the dam.

As you approach the far end of the dam, you may hear the water falling in the woods off to your right. Just across the dam, there is a narrow path to the right worn by other travelers. It is a short walk to the falls, but the footing is irregular with occasional steep spots. Be careful as you step between trees or you are likely to be wrapped in cobwebs.

Finally you come out at the top of a spectacular 35' falls. When I first saw them, I just kept going "Wow!"

Getting down below the falls for a better view isn't easy walking. There is a steep slope with mud and trees to work through, but it is worth the effort. In addition to the main falls, there are several tiny falls to the sides where water seeps through the rocks and emerges.

You first arrive at Geary Lake Falls near this point - It is easy to get to the top of the falls, but a lot of work to get to the bottom

From this pool , the water flows on along a cliff - there may be more falls downstream, but that looks like tough trekking

Geary County State Fishing Lake dam
This path across the Geary County State Fishing Lake dam leads to Geary Lake Falls

Geary County State Fishing Lake
Geary County State Fishing Lake

Geary Lake Falls from the top in July 2019, when there was only a small water flow.

Geary Lake Falls with no water
Geary Lake Falls in dry weather

Geary Lake Falls Map - Geary County State Park
Geary Lake Falls Map

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