Hillsdale Bank
 201 Frisco Street
Hillsdale, Kansas 66036
(913) 783-4333

Closed after the death of one of the owners.
The sauce is still being made and distributed.

Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q menu    Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q map

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Hillsdale Bank BBQ - Hillsdale, Kansas
Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q
Hillsdale Bank Bar B-Q - Hillsdale, Kansas

This is an archive page. Greg and Donna Beverlin closed the restaurant portion of the business in the fall of 2015 when Donna was diagnosed with cancer. They continue to manufacturer and distribute the sauce. List of places which sold the sauce while Hillsdale Bank Bar B-Q was open.

I recently revisited the Hillsdale Bank Bar B-Q in the tiny community of Hillsdale, Kansas - about 15 miles south of the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The 26 year old restaurant closes each winter and is open only 3 days a week during the rest of the year.

The dining room of Hillsdale Bank Bar B-Q (They spell BBQ 4 ways at different places.) is in a 1906 bank building, with the rest rooms in the vault. The kitchen and lobby are in a slightly newer connected building, and a caboose that is attached to the far side of the newer building has additional interesting dining spaces.

I think that the spicy sausage is very good, but it will be too spicy for many diners. The burnt ends are extremely good. They are not chopped like many local places. The burnt ends are made from pulled pork. They have quite a bit of fat, but the flavor is SO good. The smoked chicken is another good choice, with a lot of flavor from the smoking, while remaining tender and moist.

Really, all of the meats are good and the pulled pork is the best seller at Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q

The fresh onion rings are good and the fries are fresh cut & still have the peels. They may be the very best part of the meal.

For the past six years, Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q has also offered pizza, but it is only served after 5PM and I have yet to try it.

Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q has two sauces: sweet and hot. Both are sweeter than most, and I prefer a mixture of the two. The menu says that "The sauce" (as they call it) is natural, consisting of only ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar & spices that are cooked and bottled on site. The sauce is available in some area stores.

Hillsdale Bank BBQ dining room
Main dining room

Hillsdale Bank BBQ vault restrooms
Rest rooms inside the old bank vault

Railroad caboose restaurant dining room
Dining in the attached railroad caboose

Some of the raised seating in the old caboose

ribs and pork and Hillsdale Bank BBQ
Ribs, pulled pork, coleslaw and fries ($12.95)
You are likely to need to add sauce or salt to the ribs - Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q uses no rubs or salt

smoked chicken at Hillsdale Bank BBQ
half smoked chicken, beans, and onion rings ($15.95)
I had to work to make both dishes look better for the photos. They do little to make a nice presentation.

spicy sausage appetizer at HIllsdale Bank BBQ
Hot & spicy sausage appetizer - tasty, but not much meat for $4.95

Hillsdale Bank BBQ burnt ends
Pork Burnt with coleslaw & fries ($14.50), plus a spicy sausage appetizer

Heart of the Garden
Patrons are invited to relax in the "Heart of the Garden" before leaving, but there is no dining out here.

places that sell Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q sauce
A list of places that sell Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q sauce

Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q menu
Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q menu from March 2014

Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q map - Hillsdale, Kansas
Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q map

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