Idlewild Lake Falls

Waterville, Kansas 66548

map to Idlewild Falls

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Lower Idlewild Falls - Waterville, Kansas
Upper Idlewild Falls - Lake Idlewild, Kansas
Upper Idlewild Falls

Idlewild Falls is made up of two waterfalls near Lake Idlewild just north of Waterville, Kansas. They were created by the spillway carrying water from Lake Idlewild to the nearby Little Blue River.

When you arrive at the park on the shore of tiny Lake Idlewild, turn right and drive across the low water crossing, then park beside the dirt road. If there is no water crossing the road, there will be no water at the waterfall.

Once you park your car, you will hear the waterfall through the woods. Idlewild Falls isn't that easy to access. There are no trails and you will need to follow the sound of the falling water about 70 feet through fairly heavy brush (including some poison ivy) and possibly some standing pools of water. Be sure to dress accordingly.

The two waterfalls are only about 60 feet apart and each have a drop of 10-12 feet. The upper one is fairly easy to see, but at least in the summer when there is a lot of foliage, it is hard to get good photos of the lower falls. I want to return in April when the leaves are  just coming out on the trees.

Thanks to Scott Bean of Manhattan, Kansas who brought Idlewild Falls to my attention and the Good Samaritan in Waterville who helped me locate find this neat pair of waterfalls. The pictures on this page were taken on a rainy day in late June of 2010.

Lower Idlewild Falls
Lower Idlewild Falls

Lower Idlewild Falls

Lake Idlewild - Waterville, Kansas
Lake Idlewild was built by Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s.

Low water crossing at Lake Idlewild - the falls are through the wood to the right

Idlewild Falls Map - Waterville, Kansas
Idlewild Falls Map

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