Jack Wyatt Piano Technicians Museum

4444 Forest Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66106
(913) 432-9975

Open by advance appointment
between 9AM - 3PM Monday - Friday

Jack Wyatt Museum Map

Jack Wyatt Museum - Kansas City, Kansas
Jack Wyatt Piano Technicians Museum

The Piano Technicians Guild maintains the 2,200 square foot Jack Wyatt Museum at their headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas. Although I was able to see all of the museum in less than 45 minutes, theey were among the most interesting minutes I have ever spent in a museum.

The piano museum was founded in 1994 and enlarged when the Guild moved to this larger facility in 2003. It was named the Jack Wyatt Museum in 2005 in recognition of the man who acquired the majority of the pianos in the collection, manufactured many of the action models and built most of the displays.

Call ahead to make arrangements to visit the museum at (913) 432-9975.

Soufléto dog kennel piano
François Soufléto "niche de chien" (dog kennel) manufactured in 1928
The nickname is for the opening at the bottom of the piano.

Heintzman transposing piano
1897 Heintzman transposing piano
A lever allows the player to change the key they are playing without changing finger positions.

Chickering & Sons piano from Ford's Theater
1859 Chickering & Sons piano
This piano was on the stage at Ford's Theater in Washington D.C. when Abraham Lincoln was shot.

Buntebar square piano
1782 Gabriel Buntebar square piano built in London
The pedal raises and lowers the lid to change the volume.

piano tools and tool kit
1800s typical piano tools and tool kit

Aeolian Pianola player system - Kansas City, Kansas
Pianola player system by Aeolian
Manufactured in about 1908, this was a piano player which could be rolled up to an upright or grand piano
where felt fingers would play the tops of the piano keys as the foot pedals were pumped.

Pape Table Piano
Jean Henri Pape Table Piano built in 1834

Toy pianos - Jack Wyatt Museum
Toy pianos

Display of electronic piano tuning machines
History of electronic piano tuning

Piano Action Models - Jack Wyatt Museum
Piano Action Models
They show the various mechanical assemblies which translate pressing a key into the motion of a hammer.

Practice clavier
1913 practice clavier made by Almon Kincaid Virgi
Concert artists used the clavier to practice when a piano was not available. It could either be
silent or click as keys were pressed or released.

Piano technicians' tools

Piano Technician Guild - Kansas City, Kansas
Piano Technician Guild

Jack Wyatt Museum Map - Kansas City, Kansas
Jack Wyatt Museum Map

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