Jewell County Jail 

 southwest corner of Center Street & Madison
Mankato, Kansas 66956
(785) 955-9703

Tours by appointment

Jewell County Jail Map

Jewell County Jail - Mankato Kansas
Jewell County Jail
Jewell County Jail - Mankato, Kansas

We stumbled upon the Jewell County Jail on our way to visit the Jewell County Historical Society Museum in Mankato, Kansas. At first glance, we weren't certain if the post rock jail was or was not still in use. A little investigation revealed that the jail operated from 1899-1982.

The historic Jewell County Jail is located at the corner of Center and Madison and that is its legal address, there is no street number. It is owned by the Jewell County Historical Society and the Society's museum is located around the corner, on the back of the same block. Tours of the jail can be arranged by calling (785) 545-7658 or the museum may be able to arrange for someone to take you through the jail when you visit the museum.

The jail has had little restoration, particularly the portion of the building which served as the sheriff's residence. The historical society has done quite a bit to preserve the building, but there is still more to be done there as well. We found the most interesting parts of the jail to be the peek holes used to monitor the prisoners and the prisoners' carvings on the walls.

The post rock Jewell County Jail was registered as a National and State Historic Building in 1995.

Jewell County Jail prison yard
Prison yard

Prison cells in the Jewell County Jail
Men's cells on the main floor

Jail visitors sign

Peek hole in the Jewell County Jail
Peek hole

prisoners' carvings
Pegasus carving in cell

A turkey and a cowboy on horseback

Women's cells in the Jewell County Jail
Women's cells on the second floor

Prisoners have little privacy

Jewell County Jail Map - Mankato, Kansas
Jewell County Jail Map

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