Laffon's Frontier Steak House 

9338 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66112
(913) 788-9159

Tuesday - Saturday: 3:30PM - 8PM
Sunday: 11AM - 3PM

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Frontier Steak House - Kansas City, Kansas
Frontier Steak House
Frontier Steak House

The 58 year old Frontier Steak House in Kansas City, Kansas is located less than a mile east of the Legends complex, on State Avenue. Dining at the Frontier Steak House is like dining at a small town restaurant in the 1970s.

The prices at the Frontier Steak House will also make you think of an earlier time. Complete 2 piece fried chicken dinners start at $11.99.

On our first visit, the steak dinners for two people including a desert, beverage and tax came to just less than $40! 

The steaks at the Frontier Steak House are char broiled and come with a side of mushroom gravy. They are sometimes done a little less than ordered, but that is common and Kansas restaurants and easily remedied. There are only 4 steaks on the menu (ground sirloin, Kansas City strip, t-bone and fillet), but there is usually at least one other steak special and they have prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights. On weekends they often have a 12 ounce ribeye for $19.99 and that is one of my favorites.

The Laffoon family have been the only owners of the steakhouse. Dennis and Ron Laffoon operate the restaurant today and the mother, Mary (age 90 at this writing) still makes the salad dressings and bakes the bread & deserts. Mary usually bakes several fruit and cream pies which are $3.49 a slice. The peanut butter pie is the favorite one we have sampled. The huge mudslide brownie (fresh baked brownie with a mountain of ice cream, covered with chocolate syrup and topped with whipped cream) was also a big hit.

Every Tuesday is "Biker Night" on the patio, featuring discounted buckets of beer. Mary Laffoon (born in 1920) and her sons, Dennis and Ron, There's a sassy gooseberry, but the house specialty is her peanut butter pie, which sells out fast when she makes it. Her apple pie, loaded with tart, succulent apples under a flaky, light crust, isn't too sugary and counts among the city's best. The cherry pie is great, too.

Frontier Steak House dining room

rib eye steak and onion rings
12 ounce ribeye with mushroom gravy, garlic bread and onion rings

Fried green beans at the Frontier Steakhouse
Fried green beans appetizer - breaded with a hint of onion & served with ranch dressing

mudslide brownie at Frontier Steakhouse
mudslide brownie

Frontier Steakhouse menu - Kansas City, Kansas
Frontier Steakhouse menu from October 2015

Frontier Steakhouse map - Kansas City, Kansas
Laffon's Frontier Steakhouse map

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