Jones BBQ
3002 West 47th Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66103
(913) 722-3366

Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 9PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM - 10PM

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Jones BBQ - Kansas City, Kansas

Jones BBQ in Kansas City, Kansas is in a tiny building, just large enough to prepare orders placed at the walk up walkup window. It isn't clear how much prep is done at this location, but the meat is cooked in a large free standing smoker, next to the building. When we first visited Jones BBQ in 2017, the building was very unappealing and there was no place close to eat, just a barren unattractive parking lot.

Jones BBQ episode of Queer EyeBut there were big changes to Jones BBQ when the TV show Queer Eye came to Kansas City to record shows in the fall of 2018. The "Fab Five" did a makeover of the restaurant, the marketing and the sisters who operate Jones BBQ, Mary Jones Mosley and Deborah Jones. 

The Jones sisters anticipated the impact of their appearing on the TV show and when Netflix released season 3 on March 15, 2019, Mary and Deborah opened at Midnight the night before in anticipation of a rush of new business. They normally are only open 11AM - 3PM Tuesday to Saturday,

The Jones episode of Queer Eye is the only episode I have seen, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. In part that was because it is nice seeing familiar things like Jones BBQ and Original Juan in the episode, but largely because it was beautiful and seemed to be life changing. I had tears in my eyes during part of the episode. I highly recommend watching Season 3, Episode 3, before going their to eat.

We waited five weeks before checking out the made over Jones BBQ, in hope that the hype might have settled down. Fat chance! We arrived 8 minutes after they opened and there was already a long line snaking through the outdoor seating and leading out into the parking lot. We were only in the line 10 minutes when they were setting out a sign to warn people that they were sold out of some meats. It took an hour and a half for us to get food. At that time, there were just 5 meats still available.

It isn't worth waiting an hour and a half to get the food. It is good, but other than the wonderful story and the two neat ladies who operate the restaurant, there is little to make it stand out from other area barbecue restaurants. You can feel the love.

The sausage and the sauce are the house specialties. The sausage is very smoky and a little spicy, course ground, more like the kind of sausage you have on a bun, than sliced as a stand along meat. The tomato based sauce is more vinegar than sweet, with a touch of celery and fairly hot. The meat seems a little pricey at $18.50/pound.

Of the other meats we tried, the rib tips and turkey were our favorites. The only sides which we have had are the fries, which are just cooked from frozen and nothing special, and the beans, which we had mixed opinions about.

JOnes BBQ sales window
Placing an order at the window

Deborah Jones checking meat in the smoker
Pit master Deborah Jones checking on slabs of ribs

Deborah Jones - Jones BBQ
Deborah Jones chatting with customers standing in line. She said that she has no desire to expand their hours,
but is planning for a second pit BBQ. Jones BBQ sells only fresh smoked meat and will not smoke
it in advance hold it for sale.

Turkey and pulled pork at JOnes BBQ
Turkey & pulled pork

Sausage and brisket at Jones BBQ
Sausage & Brisket

sausage and rib tips at Jones BBQ
Sausage & rib tips

Jones BBQ - Kansas City, Kansas
Jones BBQ in 2017, before the 2018 Queer Eye makeover

Jones BBQ Menu - Kansas City, Kansas
Jones BBQ Menu from April 2018

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