Mad Jack's
Fresh Fish 

1318 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66102
(913) 371-3384

Open 10AM - 8PM Monday to Saturday
Noon - 6PM on Sunday

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Mad Jack's Fresh Fish restaurant - Kansas City, Kansas
Mad Jack's Fresh Fish restaurant
Mad Jack's Fresh Fish - Kansas City, Kansas

Mad Jack's Fresh Fish is a neat little restaurant and seafood market in Kansas City, Kansas. Mad Jack's is an interesting little hole in the wall that opened in 1984 and has been run by the current owner, John Reed, since 1987.

Considering the small space they have, Mad Jack's has a fairly large menu. They manage that in part by packing things in. The booths are small and supplies are piled up in the corners of the dining room.

There are six booths and two counters. One counter is for purchasing uncooked fish and the other one is for cooked. The seafood is served in styrofoam boxes regardless of being ordered to eat in or out. That may come in handy since the servings are generous and if you order a large dinner, you are likely to be taking some home. The biggest problem with those containers is that the fish sometimes goes into the styrofoam while it is still so hot that it melts holes in the containers.

Half pound fish meals range from $7.49 to $12.99 depending on the fish, and come with a choice of two sides. The "small" meals still have a large serving of fish. The walleye at Mad Jack's wasn't the battered fish I was hoping for. The walleye pieces were coated in corn meal like catfish. They were still good, just not what I wanted. The red snapper works much better with the corn meal coating.

A small order of fried oysters without sides, is a generous half pound for $8.99, and they are great. They are served with bread & butter and cocktail sauce instead of tartar. The oysters and cocktail sauce are better together than I would have guessed.

Frog legs are another good choice.

Many of them are a 25 cent up charge, but you may choose from 11 side dishes. My favorites from those we have tried are the potato wedges, coleslaw and the corn meal hush puppies.

Mad Jacks Fresh Fish has a second independently owned and operated location at 6200 Troost in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mad Jack's dining room - Kansas City, Kansas
Mad Jack's dining room

Mad Jack's Frsh Fish Counter
Fresh fish counter at Mad Jack's

Red snapper meal at Mad Jack's
Red snapper with potato wedges and hushpuppies ($12.49)

Fried oysters at Mad Jack's
Fried Oysters ($8.99)

Frog legs and potato wedges at Mad Jack's Fresh Fish restaurant
Frog legs, potato wedges, coleslaw ($13.24)

catfish strips hush puppies and onion rings ($10.99)

Mad Jack's Fresh Fish menu one
Mad Jack's Fresh Fish menu from February 2020

Mad Jack's side dishes menu

Mad Jack raw seafood menu
Mad Jack's Fresh Fish raw food prices from February 2020

John Reed behind the cooked food counter at Mad Jack's
John Reed (Mad Jack) in the crowded kitchen behind the cooked food counter

Mad Jack's Fresh Fish map - Kansas City, Kansas
Mad Jack's Fresh Fish map

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