The Snackle Box

4208 West Drive
Kansas City, Kansas 66109
(913) 261-9730

Open 7 AM - 9 PM
Seven days a week
Breakfast served 7-10:30 AM

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The Snackle Box - Kansas City, Kansas
The Snackle Box
The Snackle Box - Kansas City, Kansas

Snackle Box opened in the Wyandotte County Lake Marina in Kansas City, Kansas in September 2020. This short order restaurant has a patio with nice view, is in a neat old WPA building, has good food and is very reasonably priced. Most sandwihes run $6-0 including the choice of onion rings, tattor tots and waffle fries.

The lunch menu is quite short (6 "meals" & 2 salads) and the only hamburger they offer is a single or double cheeseburger. The first time we went, we got a single with cheddar and a double with Swiss cheese. The patties are thick and while cooked well done were juicy and tender. The flavor of the burger was great and I thought it had been seasoned with garlic and Worcestershire sauce. On a later visit I had the double with Swiss cheese again and it was more ordinary. I don't know which one was more representative of what you will get.

The onion rings and waffle fries were made from frozen, but were both quite good.

On my second visit to Snackle Box I had a grilled chicken sandwich and tatter tots. The cook placed a frozen boneless chicken breast on the grill, covering it with a lid so it would good faster and I think just seasoning it with black pepper and garlic powder. However it was seasoned, it was cooked just right and was enjoyable. There isn't a lot to do with tatter tots, but these were done right, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

On my third visit, I arrived at 10:45 to have breakfast before 11 AM when the menu said they stop serving breakfast. The cook/server followed me in from having a smoke and said that they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 and they wouldn't prepare lunch until the next cook arrived at 11.

A couple of weeks later, I tried again, arriving at 10:10 AM to order breakfast before they stopped serving at 10:30. The same woman who had been there the previous time remembered me and asked if I wanted the Big Country Breakfast. 

The $12.99 Big Country Breakfast includes chicken fried steak, gravy, 2 eggs, hash browns and toast with jelly. Actually, there were 2 four ounce chicken fried steaks. They came right from the freezer and were unimpressive. the sausage gravy is house made and much better. Actually the whole wheat toast (white was also available) and eggs were good and the hash browns surprisingly good for reconstituted freeze dried. I would get all but the chicken fried steak again.

Snackle Box Patio
Wyandotte County Lake Marina and the Snackle Box Patio

The counter and grill at the Snackle Box Restaurant
The counter and grill

Double burger with Swiss cheese and waffle fries

Single burger with American cheese and onion rings

Grilled chicken sandwich with tattor tots

Big County Breakfast

Snackle Box Menu - Kansas City, Kansas
Snackle Box Menu from August 2022

Snackle Box Map - Kansas City, Kansas
Snackle Box Map

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