Kansas Motorcycle Museum
120 North Washington Street
Marquette, Kansas 67464
(785) 546-2449

free ($5 donation encouraged)

Monday-Saturday: 10AM - 5PM
Sunday: 11AM - 5PM     call to confirm hours

Kansas Motorcycle Museum Map

Kansas Motorcycle Museum - Marquette, Kansas

The Kansas Motorcycle museum occupies both of these lovely old buildings and also provides public rest rooms.

The Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette, Kansas has 3 galleries with over 100 vintage and rare motorcycles of various makes and models. The museum also exhibits motorcycle racing memorabilia, photos, clothing, trophies and posters.

The museum is worth a brief visit by even a non motorcycle enthusiast like myself and may entertain others for an hour or more. The Kansas Motorcycle Museum opened in 2003 as a tribute Marquette's motorcycle racer Stan Engdahl. "Stan the Man" was a five time National Motorcycle Racing Champion and over 600 of his trophies are on display. Stan Engdahl passed away in 2007. His wife, LaVona, is the curator of the museum.

While you are in Marquette, be sure to check outthe Marquette Museum across the street and The Oil Pump, which is just a block up Washington Street.

The Kansas Motorcycle Museum is handicap accessible.

Main Gallery of the Kansas Motorcycle Museum - Stan Engdahl's racing trophies line the wall at the right.



1916 Harley-Davidson model JE
1916 Harley-Davidson model JE (The final year of the "Silent Gray Fellow" line)

Kansas Motorcycle Museum Map - Marquette, Kansas
Kansas Motorcycle Museum Map

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