Kroegers Country Meats

505 Eisenhower Memorial Dr
Lecompton, KS 66050
(785) 887-6091

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Kroegers Country Meats is permanently Closed

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Kroegers Country Meats - Lecompton, Kansas
Kroegers Country Meats "You Can't Beat Our Meat"
Kroegers Country Meats counter
Kroegers Country Meats counter

Archive Page only.  Kroeger's Country Meats permanently closed in late 2023. It is now Hillcreek Market.

Kroegers Country Meats & Deli is on CR-1029 passing through Lecompton, Kansas. Kroegers is a friendly, family run market that has been in operation since 1984. 

There is a small kitchen behind the meat market where hamburgers, sandwiches and homemade burritos and tamales are prepared for carry out or dining at a handful of tables in the center of the market or on picnic tables on the deck out front. During the summer when lunch business is busier, Kroegers has a salad bar. But the rest of the year that space is used for condiments and a few items such as potato salad. I've sampled the Polish sausage and bacon sandwiches. Both were very good.

Kroegers Country Meats makes two varieties of beef jerky (I like their Sweet & Spicy) and many varieties of sausage. Two newer house made sausages are made using Free State Beer: Ad Astra Ale and Garden Party with feta & sun dried tomatoes. I recommend both of them.

Robin Kofford grinds Kroegers' own hamburger which can be purchased cooked or by the pound. Kroegers sells other sausages, bacon, smoked pork chops and ham from Fanestil Packing in Emporia. Their meat products are great.

While you are in Lecompton, also visit Constitution Hall, and Lane University & Territorial Capitol Museum.


Robin's homemade sausages - Kroeger's COuntry Meats
Robin's homemade sausages: Ad Astra Ale, Garden Party, jalapeno, beer brats, bratwurst, apple
breakfast, cajun, potato, garlic, mild Italian, hot Italian, chorizo

Ad Astra Ale and Garden Party
Free State Beer Ad Astra Ale and Garden Party

Kroegers Country Meats
Kroegers Country Meats - Lecompton, Kansas

Kroegers Country Meats Menu - Lecompton, Kansas
Kroegers Country Meats Menu
from July 2020

Kroegers Country Meats map - Lecompton, Kansas
Kroegers Country Meats map

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