Sierra Grill 

8659 Penrose Lane
Lenexa, Kansas 66219
(913) 599-3555

11 AM - 9 PM Tuesday - Friday
5 PM - 9 PM Saturday

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Sierra Grill - Lenexa, Kansas
Sierra Grill
Sierra Grill - Lenexa, Kansas

The Sierra Grill in Lenexa, Kansas started as a great example of how much can be done with little space. In 2017, owner and executive chef Ryan Edwards turned a long closed Quiznos Sub Shop into a 50 seat restaurant serving fabulous food at reasonable prices. With limited space, he and his father remodeled the building to squeeze the most out of the space, with an open kitchen and the maximum number of seats without making it feel like you are sitting with the people at the next table.

After 5 years, Sierra Grill moved into a larger and more polished setting at Lenexa Town Center. The new location is so loud that our last two visits were big disapointments. At the last visit, one member of the party sat there holding their hands over the ears through the meal. Dining at lunch time may be a better option.

The menu and presentation has also grown over time. The menu has a high percentage of attractive dishes, but I love the ribeye steak so much that it takes an effort to try other dishes. The steak has wonderful flavor, which is accented by the sauce it is served on. I find myself taking a bite and holding it in my mouth to savor. The sauce is also good with the potato puree.

The menu changes periodically, and some favorites, such as the pork chops, have disappeared off the menu, only to return later. The prices aren't cheap, but are very reasonable for the quality of food and we usually take dishes home with us. There is half of one of their rib eyes, plus sides and a little salmon, in our refrigerator as I type this.

We highly recommend making reservations for dinner.

The servers at the original Sierra Grill are surprising good. When you ask a question about a dish, your server is likely to describe exactly how it is prepared. If you ask for a recommendation, they will give you a useful answer, not "everything is good."

Soerra Grill Dinning room
Sierra Grill dinning room early on a Saturday evening

Onion velouté - a wonderful dreamy onion soup ($10)

Ribeye with brocolini, mushrooms and potato puree ($50)
Sierra Grill is flexible with substitutions and I often substitute more mushrooms for the brocolini.

Grilled salmon and asparagus on a bed of potato puree ($32)

Bread pudding
House made bread pudding with caramel apple

Dinning room
Dinning Room at original Sierra Grill location

Sierra Grill
The original Sierra Grill 2017-2022

Sierra Grill dinner Menu - Lenexa, Kansas
Sierra Grill Menu January 2023

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