The Miracle Cafe

103 Franklin Street
Reading, Kansas
(620) 699-3009

Monday - Thursday: 9 AM - 3 PM
Wednesday 9 AM - 9 PM

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The Miracle Cafe - Reading, Kansas
The Miracle Cafe
The Miracle Cafe - Reading, Kansas

The Miracle Cafe opened in the oldest home of Reading, Kansas in the summer of 2006. It was built by the people of the Reading community who donated their time, energy and skills to make the home into a cafe. Reta Jackson took over management of the small restaurant in early 2010.

The home housing the Miracle Cafe was destroyed by the Reading tornado on May 21, 2011, but has been replaced with a brand new structure which is purpose built to be a restaurant. Much of the work was done by "angel" members of the community.

The hours of the Miracle Cafe are fairly short. Wednesday is the only day that it is open for supper although they may switch back to Friday nights when Football season is over. $10.95 lunch specials include salad bar, cinnamon bread or roll and coffee or tea.  The pies may be the best item on the menu.

The food is simple home cooking, but I love the friendly atmosphere. There is Reading memorabilia including a large three ring binder which has a more detailed history with newspaper clippings, memorial funeral cards and a hand written list of deaths in the community. The K-State Wildcat theme unisex bathroom now has some souvenirs from other Kansas Universities and has a large banner autographed by restaurant guests. There is even an area selling crafts by local artists.

The most recent time I was there, I asked if any of the fried potatoes were fresh cut and the server said they were not. But she really wanted to give me a good experience and came back from the kitchen saying that cook could par boil one of the potatoes they used for baking and cook it as home fries. I don't know that I have ever had the staff at a restaurant work do hard! The fries were quite good. The cheeseburger they came with was also good and the kitchen was happy to add grilled onions, jalapenos or anything else I wanted.

The Miracle Cafe dining room
The Miracle Cafe main dining room

The Miracle Cafe counter
Counter and the wall with the specials and list of homemade pies

The Miracle Cafe angels
Dedicated to the angels who helped rebuild the Miracle Cafe

Cheeseburger and home fries at Miracle Cafe
Cheeses burger with grilled onions

ham and beans at The Miracle Cafe - Reading, Kansas
ham and beans ($5)

grilled chicken topped taco salad ($8.25)

Apple crumb pie - Miracle Cafe
Apple crumb pie ($3.50)

Cherry crumble pie - Miracle Cafe
Cherry crumble ($3.50)

chili at The Miracle Cafe
Chili ($5)

Children's area

Reading History

Local crafts for sale

Breakfast and sandwich menu
Sides and extras menu
Miracle Cafe menu from February 2012

The Miracle Cafe Map - Reading, Kansas
The Miracle Cafe Map

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