Moon Marble Company
600 East Front Street
Bonner Springs, Kansas 66012
(913) 441-1432

The 2022 Moon Marble schedule is changing too
often to keep this current. Call for hours.
No demonstrations at this time.

March Marble Crazy  Map to Moon Marble

Moon Marble Company - Bonner Springs, Kansas
Moon Marble Company
Moon Marble Company - Bonner Springs, Kansas

Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, Kansas is just plain fun. Open limited hours there are glass blowing demonstrations and a lot of wonderful toys, including the kind of wood and metal toys and collectibles that you haven't seen in most toy stores in 40 years. I've purchased Christmas presents (mostly for adults) at Moon Marble several years.

Moon Marble Company sells machine made marbles in many sizes and colors, as well as fine glassware made at Moon Marble and by glass workers from across the country. There is even an area where you can knuckle down and play marbles. 

While you are at Moon Marble Company, ask them about the thousands of marbles that they provided for the movie Evolution.

If an artist is available, demonstrations of glass blowing are performed on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from around 10:30AM until 3PM. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the ending time to see a demonstration. Call Moon Marble Company at (913) 441-1432 to check the demonstration schedule for other days.

Call to schedule field trips or group tours.

wood, glass, metal toys at moon marble company in Bonner Springs, Kansas
Front showroom and checkout

glass gifts at Moon Marble Company
Marble showcases

Bruce Breslow glass blowing
Moon Marble Company owner Bruce Breslow demonstrates marble making.
Moon Marble also offers classes in bead and marble making.

Games and small toys at Moon Marble in Bonner Springs
Games and small toys

Learning to play marbles at Moon Marble

Map to Moon Marble in Bonner Springs, Kansas
Map to Moon Marble

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