Nu Grille Cafe

24 North National Avenue
Fort Scott, Kansas 66701
(620) 223-9949

Monday - Saturday: 7AM - 8:00PM
Sunday: 7AM - 2PM

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Nu Grille Cafe - Fort Scott, Kansas
Nu Grille Cafe
Nu Grille Cafe - Fort Scott, Kansas

The Nu Grille Cafe restaurant in Fort Scott, Kansas is the kind of classic place and food that I am always looking for. Nu Grill opened in 1946. The front room has a nice old counter where you can watch the food prepared and there are three additional dining areas. 

The made to order cheeseburgers with grilled onions are good, but I particularly enjoy the Nu Grille's homemade onion rings and French fries. And the food is cheap! A hamburger is only $2.59, homemade French fries or Suzy Qs are $2.29, Frito chili pie is $4.29.

The chili is another good choice, they use an all meat chili for Coney Islands, but layer it above the beans in the bowl of chili.

A limited breakfast menu, including fresh made hash brown potatoes, is served until 11AM daily at Bowman's Nu-Grille Cafe.

Nu Grille restaurant counter
Front Counter

Nu Grille kitchen
Grill behind the front counter

Nu Grille dining room
Dining room number three

Small order of onion rings, cheeseburger with grilled onions, and French fries.

Pork Tenderloin at Nu Grille restaurant
Pork Tenderloin ($6.29)

fried chicken at the Nu Grille in Fort Scott
2 piece broasted chicken (white meat) with onion rings
"Broasting" started in Wisconsin in 1954. It combines pressure cooking and deep frying.

Nu Grille grilled chicken sandwich
Grilled chicken, bacon & ranch sandwich and onion rings

Chili at the Nu Grille in Fort Scott, Kansas
Chili ($3.99)

Nu Grille menu
Click on the menu from November 2018 to see a larger version 

Nu Grill breakfast menu
Nu-Grille breakfast menu

Map to Nu Crille restaurant in Fort Scott, Kansas
Nu Grille restaurant map

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