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The next stop on the Oak Hill Cemetery tour is along the roadway in section 10. John P. Usher (1816-1889) was President Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of Interior from 1863 to 1865. The Usher family vault emerges from a low hillside. Is is made of limestone and has a neo-classical front with an opening framed by gray granite columns.

Usher family vault in Lawrence Kansas' Oak Park Cemetery.
John P. Usher Vault

The ends of the Usher family vaults can be seen through the dirty, old glass on the gates at the front of
the building. John P. Usher's maker is very faint.

Potter's Field at the north east corner of Oak Hill Cemetery.

Next on the Oak Hill Cemetery tour is the grave of George Nash Walker (1872-1911), a turn of the century vaudeville entertainer. I was unable to locate the modest individual marker, but its location may be incorrectly marked on the map. If you locate it, please let me no exactly where it was.

Near George Walker's burial are three hand made grave markers with shells embedded in their tops. They are not where they shown on the map, but just a little farther east, across the roadway.

Priscilla Gray and  F. M. Monroe graves
Priscilla Gray Died Jan, 23, 1920           F. M. Monroe Died Oct. 28, 1921

Rounding the roadway to the west, you will see a Spanish American War Memorial erected by Company H of the 20th Kansas Infantry, Eight Army Corps.

20th Kansas Infantry Spanish American War Memorial
Spanish American War Memorial erected by Company H of the 20th Kansas Infantry

Erected by Company H, 20th Kansas Inft. USV Eighth Army Corps
Spanish American War 1898-1899

The final stop on the Lawrence Oak Hill Cemetery Tour is one dear to lovers of college Basketball. Forrest Clare "Phog" Allen. Phog Allen is known as the "Father of Basketball Coaching." His career college basketball record was 746-264. During his 39 seasons as the head coach of the University of Kansas Jayhawks men's basketball program, his teams won 24 conference championships and three national titles. His 590 wins are the most of any coach in history of the KU basketball program.

Phog Allen headstone - Lawrence, Kansas
Forrest C "Phog" Allen  (November 18, 1885 - September 16, 1974)

Thank you Phog Alen
A thank you to Phog Allen left on the Allen family headstone

Lawrence Memorial Park is across the street, just south of Oak Hill Cemetery. Its most famous burial is that of James Naismith, the inventor of the sport of basketball and often credited with introducing the first football helmet. He wrote the original basketball rule book and founded the University of Kansas basketball program.

James Naismith Memorial in Lawrence Memorial Park
James Naismith Memorial in Lawrence Memorial Park, just south of Oak Hill Cemetery

James Naismith memorial Lawrence, Kansas
Dr. James Naismith was the first basketball coach
at the University of Kansas and helped develop the
first modern basketball gymnasium.

Dr. James Naismith at the University of Kansas
Dr. James Naismith
Born November 6, 1861 in Almonte Ontario, Canada and died November 28, 1939 in Lawrence, 
Kansas. buried in Lawrence Memorial Park. D. Naismith invented the game of basketball as a
winter indoor sport for the YMCA at Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891.

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