Old 59 Neosho River Bridge and Erie Dam Falls

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Old 59 Neosho River Bridge and Dam - Erie, Kansas
Old 59 Neosho River Bridge and Dam
Old 59 Neosho River Bridge and Dam Waterfall - Erie, Kansas

The first Neosho River Bridge, south of Erie, Kansas was constructed in the early 1870s, as was the dam below the bridge. The overflow dam provided water power for a grist mill which was operated by Branner & Snow and later purchased by Johnson & Kyle. The mill burned in April 1902. 

The first bridge lasted until 1883, when it was severely damaged by ice. A temporary ferry operated at this location until it could be put back in service. The irregular present bridge was built in 1928, still using one narrow span from the older bridge and with each span being of different types. It is still used by limited traffic today though the bridge condition is rated as poor by Bridgehunter. 

The bridge is called the Neosho River Bridge, the South River Bridge and the Old 59 Neosho RIver Bridge. The total length of the bridge is 360 feet and the longest span is 100 feet.

Bridge approach from Erie (the north)

Neosho River Bridge span types
The oldest span at the left is a Pratt through truss. The middle span is a polygonal Warren pony truss.
The right span is a Pratt pony truss.


The deck is crumbling where these spans meet

The southern, oldest part of the bridge

overflow dam
The two piers on the edges of the river appear to remain from an earlier version of the bridge

Fishing the river
Fishing below the falls created by the overflow dam

Neosho River Grist Mill - Erie, Kansas
Painting of the old mill displayed at the Mem-Erie Museum in Erie, Kansas. This would date from 1902 or before,
The pier and first bridge span look much like today.

Old 59 Neosho River Bridge and Dam Map - Erie, Kansas
Old 59 Neosho River Bridge and Dam Map

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