Chicken House
8 East Highway 99
Olpe, Kansas 66865
(620) 475-3386

Open Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 8PM
Friday & Saturday: 11AM - 9PM
(confirmed 3/21/15)

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Chicken House - Olpe, Kansas
Chicken House
Chicken House - Olpe, Kansas

The Chicken House restaurant is a second generation family restaurant in the small town of Olpe, Kansas. The first restaurant at this location was the seven seat Cooper's Café which opened in 1934. The Coble family took over the then larger restaurant in 1958. It is the kind of place where diners converse across the dining room, most of the men wear hats, the napkins are in dispensers on the tables, and the French fries were (for a while) called Freedom Fries.

The food at Chicken House is good, and unusually reasonable. Sandwiches start at $2.25 (grilled cheese or fried egg sandwiches), and most dinners are $8 or less. A meal consisting of 1/4 chicken, choice of potato, salad, and coffee or tea is only $7.50. The salad is finely chopped iceberg lettuce, with shaved carrots & carrots, and your choice of dressing.

The fried chicken, hand breaded onion rings and fresh cut fries are among the best items on the menu. Service is adequate and friendly. Open Monday through Saturday. When we first visited the Chicken House, they baked their own pies, but during our most recent visit, we learned that the cheesecake came from the Cheesecake Factory and the pies were from another outside source.

The ribeye diner is the most expensive entree at $14.25 with choice of potato, salad and a warm roll. The one we tried was cooked exactly medium rare, as ordered.

Don't worry if the the parking lot looks full when you arrive, the three dining rooms at the Chicken House could seat nearly everyone living in Olpe at the same time.

Olpe is a short drive south of Emporia, Kansas.

Olpe Chicken House dining room
Front dining room at the Chicken House

fried chicken diner at the Chicken House in Olpe, Kansas
1/4 fried chicken with fries

The ribeye dinner

Onion Rings at the Chicken House in Olpe, Kansas.
Most of the appetizers are made from frozen, but the onion rings are worth getting.

Chicken House makes their own pies. This cherry cream pie could have used a few more cherries,
but it was still great and I would get it again.

Chicken House Menu - Olpe, Kansas
Chicken House Menu from March 2015

Chicken House Map - Olpe, Kansas
Chicken House Map

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