ABC Café

10001 West 87th Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
(913) 859-0089

Thursday - Monday: Noon to 9:30PM

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ABC Café - Overland Park, Kansas
ABC Café
ABC Café - Overland Park, Kansas

The Kansas City area has many American style Chinese restaurants, but ABC Café in Overland Park, Kansas has built the best reputation for good, authentic Cantonese food. The hours used to be a bit unusual (noon - midnight), in part because the employees at other Chinese restaurants came here for supper after the other places close, but they now close at 9:30PM.

I like to order dim sum off the menu - several small plates at reasonable prices. Many are only $3.68! The selection of dim sum is smaller than many restaurants, but it is made to order and still comes out quickly.

Except for 4 chef's special dishes, the most expensive dishes on the menu are only $17.28. All dishes are served jasmine tea and jasmine rice. My favorite dishes so far have included salt & pepper pork chops and clams sautéed with black bean sauce. The sticky rice stuffed chicken wings are wonderful, but are only occasionally available.

The salt & pepper soft shell crab is salty a little spicy, but not overly so. All of ABC Café salt & pepper dishes are similar and very good.

The XO chicken appetizer is one of the most popular dishes. If you eat just the chicken and coating, it isn't that hot, but it has a nice zing if you eat the sliced peppers and crumples which come with it. I am a fan of these wings but would enjoy them even more if they were a little crispy.

Since ABC Café has only about a dozen tables, it is often full. Small parties may be invited to share the largest tables with other parties, and may be requested to move to a smaller table during the meal as one becomes available.

Don't be worried about figuring out the unfamiliar dishes. In addition to short english descriptions, many dishes have photographs on the menu. The owner, Cindy Cheung, is very patient, assisting first timers as they find dishes that will interest them without taking them too far out of their comfort zone.

The menu below is from 2019, but the prices quoted in this review are from February 2021. Carry out meals can be ordered online for a $1 convenience fee. They do not come with tea.

ABC Café is my favorite place for Chinese food and I discover I enjoy the food even more every time I visit, but I don't go as often as I would if the dining room was a little less crowded and comfortable. They have removed some table during Covid, but they are still tighter than I would like even during a non-covid time. 

ABC Café dining room
Just under half of the ABC Café dining room

Beef short rib at ABC Café
Beef short rib with black pepper dim sum ($4.68)

spicy pork chop at ABC Café
Salt & pepper pork chop ($11.28)

chicken and eggplant hotpot at ABC Café
Chicken & eggplant hotpot ($11.28)

soft shell crab carry out
Salt & Pepper soft shell crab ($17.28)

Carry out XO chicken wings at ABC Cafe
XO chicken wings ($8.28)

ABC Café Menu - part 1
ABC Café Menu from February 2019 - part 1

ABC Café Menu - part 2
ABC Café Menu from February 2019 - part 2

ABC Café Menu - part 3
ABC Café Menu from February 2019 - part 3

ABC Café Menu - part 4
ABC Café Menu from February 2019 - part 4

ABC Café Map - Overland Park, Kansas
ABC Café Map

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