Café Tempo
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art
Johnson County Community College
12345 College Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas, 66210
(913) 469-8500 ext. 4993

Cafe temporarily closed - Museum is open

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Café Tempo - Nerman Museum, Overland Park, Kansas

When the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art opened at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas in 2007, it included a new 110 seat breakfast and lunch restaurant - Café Tempo. The 2,400 square feet restaurant borders the two story glass atrium connecting the Nerman Museum and the Regnier Center. Temporarily closed due to Covid.

Service at Café Tempo is minimal. You order at the counter, pick up your beverage, and are given a pager to let you know when your food has been prepared. The menu consists of pastries, quiche, a few salads & sandwiches. and a daily special.

Over the  the scope of the menu has been reduced and Saturday hours have been removed. On my first visit, I was very impressed with the Café Steak (grilled flank steak with romaine lettuce, roasted red onions, portabella mushrooms, roma tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese and sherry balsamic vinaigrette). It was one of the best salads I have ever had.

When this review was updated after two years, Café Tempo no longer offered the steak salad, though its place on the menu was been replaced with an Cobb salad which is both attractive delicious. But I'm happy to say that as of the summer of 2016, a steak salad with dried cherries, red onions, gorgonzola, almonds and cherry balsamic binaigrette is on the menu, nearly as good! 

Parking can be very difficult to find when Johnson County Community College is in session. During my most recent visit it took nearly 10 minutes and going to several parking lots before I could find a place to park. 30 minute parking is available in front of the building.

Cafe Temo counter and kitchen

cakes at Café Tempo
Most desserts at Café Tempo are made in house. I wish they weren't limited to mostly cakes.

Cobb salad - Nerman Museum
Cobb salad - grilled chicken with hard boiled egg, red onions, diced tomatoes, bacon, black olives, blue cheese, avocado and choice of dressing

Mango Chicken salad
Mango Chicken (Marinated and grilled chicken with diced mango, fresh grapes, golden raisins, red peppers,
red onions, celery and cinnamon praline pecans)

Cherry Steak Salad and Pokemon Go
Johnson County Community has very many Poke Stops and Gyms and you can play while waiting for your meal.

Café Tempo menu from July 2016

Café Tempo Map - Overland Park, Kansas
Café Tempo Map - Nerman Museum

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