New York Dawg Pound

7702 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Overland Park, Kansas 66202
(913) 432-6937

Archive page only - New York Dawg Pound
suddenly closed on October 27, 2015.

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New York Dawg Pound - Hot Dog Restaurant
New York Dawg Pound
New York Dawg Pound - Overland Park, Kansas

This is an archive page only - New York Dawg Pound suddenly closed on October 27, 2015. We had last dined there just a month earlier.

New York Dawg Pound in Overland Park, Kansas was opened at the beginning of 2011 by former employees of P B & J Restaurants - Will Brown and Sal Frustaci. Thanks to word of mouth and the social media, it rapidly developed a following and is already quite popular. Will bought out his partner in 2013, but other than experimenting with new specialty dogs and a slight increase in some prices, the restaurant is unchanged/

The Dawg Pound menu is on a large board and you place your order at the counter. The menu is fairly complex and could be intimidating, but the staff are good at explaining the options and making customers feel comfortable while they are trying to decipher the menu..

On our first visit, I sampled the Coney Island & Chicago style dogs while others in my party had bratwurst and Italian sausage. Although the bratwurst and Italian sausage were good, I was disappointed with the traditional specialty dogs. 

But on the second visit, I was much happier with a couple of Dawg House original dogs. Ol' Blue was my favorite. It was called "Kansas City Style" and was topped with BBQ sauce, pickle and onion straws. The Spike ("New York Style") has sauerkraut, onions in sauce and spicy mustard and was also good.  After more visits over three years, I have decided that the key to appreciating the Dawg House is to have the original hot dogs.

Among side dishes, my favorites are the (fresh made) onion straws and particularly the chili which has no beans. I didn't care quite as much for the sweet potato waffle fries, but they are quite popular.

Prices are reasonable. Large dogs run from $4-4.50 and side dishes are $2-3. Bratwurst or Polish sausage is a dollar extra.

Ordering hot dogs at the Dawg Pound counter

Preparing "The Spike"

Ol' Blue and Dalmatian at New York Dawg Pound
Dalmatian (grilled peppers & onions, jalapenos and hot mustard)           Ol' Blue (BBQ sauce, pickle and onion straws) 

Chicago style dog, Coney Island,  Italian sausage
Chicago style dog, chili dog and Italian sausage

peanut butter hot dogs
At left - Goofy Dawg (peanut butter and bacon)
At right - Spicy Thai Dawg (peanut butter, Asian slaw and Sriracha sauce)

New York Dawg Pound French fries
French fries

Onion straws ($2)

New York Dawg Pound Menu - Overland Park, Kansas
New York Dawg Pound Menu from September 2015

New York Dawg Pound Map - Overland Park, Kansas
New York Dawg Pound Map

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