Subway Kosher Deli

6312 College Boulevard
Leawood, Kansas 66211

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Subway Kosher Deli - Overland Park, Kansas
Subway Kosher Deli
Subway Kosher Deli - Overland Park, Kansas

This is an archive page. The Subway Kosher Deli closed in 2011.

The Subway Kosher Deli is just west of the Overland Park Convention Center. The first kosher Subway restaurant opened in suburban Cleveland in 2006. The Overland Park Subway Kosher Deli opened in November, 2007 and there are only 6 cities in the United States that have them.

The most obvious difference from other Subway restaurants is the lack of cheese. Kosher dietary rules prohibit the mixing of dairy and meat in the same meal, so there are no dairy products in the restaurant. Even the fresh baked cookies have no dairy.

And, of course, there is no pork, ham or shellfish. There are also restrictions on what parts of the animal are used. A  Mashgiach is present at all times, all meats are glatt kosher (without defect) and all products baked on the premises are pareve (no dairy or meat products) & pas yisroel. A Mashgiach is the person who supervises the kashrut status of a kosher establishment.

But the most important difference is that in observing these rules, the product is high quality and fresh. The pastrami sandwich that I had, was the first pastrami that I have ever really liked. The corned beef and kosher hot dog tried on another visit were more ordinary.

But there are no $5 foot longs here.

Most of the sandwiches are about $3.50-4.30 for 6" and $3-4 more for a foot long. The pastrami and corned beef are $5.49/$9.49. 




Subway kosher pastrami sandwich
Foot long Subway kosher pastrami sandwich

Kosher hot dog at Subway Kosher deli
Kosher hot dog

Kashruth Certificate
Kashruth Certificate - This is to certify that Subway Kosher Deli is under
the supervision of the Vaad Hakashruth of Kansas City.

Subway Kosher Deli menu
Subway Kosher Deli menu from March 2009

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