Rawlins County Museum

308 State
Atwood, Kansas 67730
(785) 626-3885

Tuesday - Friday:
10AM - noon, 1 - 4PM

Rawlins County Museum Map

Smoky Bear by Rudolph Wendelin
Rawlins County Museum
Rawlins County Museum - Atwood, Kansas

Established in 1967, the Rawlins County Museum in Atwood, Kansas is the Headquarters for the Rawlins County Historical Society. 

The Rawlins County Museum depicts rural Kansas history. In large part it is a collection of items with little to explain what they were or their context. As with many of the historical museums in Kansas, there are recreations of a beauty parlor, post office, doctors office, dentists office and a schoolroom.

Other displays at the Rawlins County Museum include items from the life of former Kansas Governor and Atwood native Mike Hayden, clocks, cameras, tools, and Hopi kachina dolls.

The thing that sets Atwood, Kansas' Rawlins County Museum apart from other museums is a mural and other art by Rudolph Wendelin, a Rawlin's County native who was responsible for the art design of the Smoky Bear program for 30 years. Smokey Bear was born on August 9, 1944, when the United States Forest Service and the Ad Council decided the fictional bear would be the symbol for their joint effort to promote forest fire prevention.

Portion of the east gallery.

Bones from buffalo & dinosaur. Mammoth tusk and tooth.

Rawlins County Mural by Rudolph Wendelin
Rawlins County Mural by Rudolph Wendelin

Rudolph Wendelin art at the Rawlins County Museum.
More art by Rudolph Wendelin

High School Stage curtain at Rawlins County Museum.
High School stage curtain from Atwood, Kansas

Clocks at the Rawlins County Museum

Rawlins County Museum Map - Atwood, Kansas
Rawlins County Museum Map

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