The Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery
at Bethany College

  401 North First Street
Lindsborg, Kansas 67456
(785) 227-2220

Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 5PM    Sunday 1 - 5PM

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SandzÚn Gallery - Lindsborg, Kansas
The Birger SandzÚn Memorial Gallery - Bethany College
The Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery

The Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery is located on the south edge of the Bethany College campus in Lindsborg, Kansas. The gallery honors Birger Sandzén, a Swedish born artist and a faculty member at Bethany College from 1894 to 1946. The gallery opened on October 15, 1957, 3 years after Sandzén's death.

The primary focus of the Sandzén Gallery's collections is Birger Sandzén's work and the gallery has the largest collection of his paintings, prints, drawings and watercolors found anywhere in the world. Other artists represented in the gallery's collections include Henry Varnum Poor, Doel Reed, Carl Milles, Marsden Hartley, , John Bashor, Lester Raymer, Raymond Jonson, and John Stuart Curry.

In addition to year around exhibition of Birger Sandzén art work, there is a regular schedule of other exhibitions.

The Sandzén Gallery is a surprisingly fine art museum to find in a small town in central Kansas.

indsborg artist Sally Johnson
Temporary exhibit of the art of Lindsborg artist Sally Johnson

Twilight painting by Sally Johnson
Twilight (acrylic on canvas) by Sally Johnson

glass vases by Helen Koons Gragert
Blown glass fluted vessels by Helen Koons Gragert

Bronze statue by Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington
Bronze Greyhounds Playing by Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (1876 - 1973)

Birger SandzÚn Memorial Gallery
Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery - Lindsborg, Kansas

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