Soden's Dam Falls & Soden's Grove Bridge

Soden's Grove Park
Emporia, Kansas

Soden's Dam Falls Map

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Soden's Dam Falls - Emporia, Kansas
Soden's Grove Bridge and Soden's Dam Falls
Soden's Dam Falls and Marsh arch (rainbow) bridge - Emporia, Kansas

Soden's Dam Falls in Emporia, Kansas is formed by the Cottonwood River falling over the old Soden's mill dam on the south side of town. From Highway 99 it is almost perfectly framed by a 1923 Marsh arch Bridge. The dam was built in 1858 by William T. Soden who also built a mill and furniture factory. The large two story mill opened in 1860. It burned in the 1830s.

Soden's Grove Bridge is a 126' reinforced concrete rainbow arch bridge with a 32' approach deck which spans the mill race from the former mill race. It was constructed by the Western Bridge Company, which underbid the famous F. E. Marsh Construction Company. The bridge was built on piers which had supported a previous bridge since the 1890s. After the realignment of K-99 and the construction of a modern bridge in 1986, Soden's Grove Bridge was closed to motor vehicle traffic, but it is still open to bicycles and pedestrians.

The adjacent Soden's Grove Park leads to the All Veterans Memorial and the small, free David Traylor Zoo. Together the three small attractions are good for a one to two hour visit. 

Fishing on the Cottonwood RIver
The dam is a popular place to fish for channel catfish.

Emporia Kansas March Arch Bridge
Soden's Grove Bridge (1923)

K-99 Bridge - Emporia, Kansas
This Steel Stringer bridge carries K-99 and replaced Soden's Grove Bridge.

Soden's Dam Falls and Soden's Grove Bridge in winter
The Dam and bridge from the K-99 Bridge in January 2006

The Soden Flour Mill on the Cottonwood River
The Soden Flour Mill was built in 1860 and burned to the ground in the 1930s

All Veterans Memorial - Emporia, Kansas
All Veterans Memorial including a Huey UH1H helicopter and M4A6 Sherman tank 

Brown's Park Waterfall Map - Abilene, Kansas
Soden's Dam Falls Map

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