Steve's Meat Market

32685 Lexington Avenue
De Soto, Kansas 66018
(913) 583-1390

Tuesday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 5PM

Steve's Meat Market Map

Kansas Specialty foods

Steve's Meat Market - De Soto, Kansas

Steve's Meat Market has been serving De Soto, Kansas and western Johnson County for over 40 years. It is one of the busiest businesses in De Soto.

Steve's isn't just a full service meat market and deer processor, they prepare many specialty meats, including bratwurst, sausage, slim Jims, pickled pig's feet, and pickled polish sausage. They also provide a variety of fresh meat, raw bones, cooked bones and hooves for pets. There is a small room devoted to meat products for pets

I like the pickled Polish sausage and Steve's Slim Jims, but my favorite item is the tender, pickled beef tongue. I love to keep a jar of the tongue on hand for quick easy snacks or sandwiches. The smoked meats are also very good.

Steve's Meat Market stocks many cuts of frozen buffalo as well every part of the pigs and cows.

Every Saturday morning, Steve's hosts a public live market allowing you to hand select and purchase direct from a farmer.


Smoked brisket, beef, turkey, chicken and pork ribs at Steve's Meat Market


Pickled Polish sausage
Kill Creek Barbecue Sauce, pickled beef tongue and Steve's beef jerky

Steve's Meat Market De Soto Kansas Map
Steve's Meat Market Map

Kansas Specialty foods
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