They Also Ran Gallery

First State Bank
105 West Main
Norton, Kansas 67654

Monday - Friday: 8:30AM-4PM
Saturday by appointment

They Also Ran Gallery Map

They Also Ran Gallery - Norton, Kansas
They Also Ran Gallery
They Also Ran Gallery - First National Bank in  Norton, Kansas

The They Also Ran Gallery in Norton, Kansas is devoted to Presidential Candidates who were defeated, and it has received a lot of attention from around the country. Each Inauguration Day there is an inauguration party honoring the newest member of the gallery. Although the gallery is mainly devoted to the two major parties, some significant third party candidates are also included.

The gallery was started in the 1960s by William Walter Rouse, who was president and owner of the First State Bank and looked for ways to promote tourism in Norton. He was inspired by the book "They Also Ran" by Irving Stone and its story about Horace Greely, the publisher of the New York Tribune who lost his bid for the Presidency in 1872. Greely reportedly stopped at Station 15 of the Leavenworth Pike's Peak Express Company stagecoach line in Norton in May 1850.

The gallery is part of the First National Bank and is normally open on when the bank is open, but is closed on the weekend.

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Aaron Burr
Thomas Jefferson defeated by John Adams in 1796,
John Adams & Aaron Burr defeated by Thomas Jefferson in 1800

John McCain, Willard Mitt Romney
John McCain defeated by Barack Obama in 2008,
Willard Mitt Romney defeated by Barack Obama in 2012

Also Ran Gallery conference room
The Also Ran Gallery lines the conference room and hall on the second floor of the First National Bank

First National Bank - Norton, Kansas
First National Bank

Conoco gas station - Norton, Kansas
While you are in downtown Norton, check out the cute restored vintage Conoco gas station which is across the street.

They Also Ran Gallery Map - Norton, Kansas
They Also Ran Gallery Map

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