Jack's Coffee Shop

     6154 S Hydraulic Street
Wichita, Kansas 67216
(316) 350-5580

Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 2PM

Jack's Coffee Shop Menu
Jack's Coffee Shop Map

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Jack's Coffee Shop - Wichita, Kansas
Jack's Coffee Shop
Jack's Coffee Shop - Wichita, Kansas

Jack's Coffee Shop in Wichita, Kansas doesn't serve coffee and doesn't belong to Jack.

Jack's Coffee Shop opened in 1956, selling more beer than coffee. The current owner (Shirley Coleman) has had it since the late 1960s and her daughter-in-law was the one who waited on us. Jack's is open just 11AM - 2PM on Monday - Saturday. You order at a counter and the only items listed on the menu are large cheeseburger, large hamburger, small cheeseburger, small hamburger, water,  tea, and canned pop. The small burger is about 1/2 pound and the large is about 3/4 pound. They don't weigh them. The burgers come to the table with a communal bowl of lays potato chips.

The burgers are smashed down flat so they hang way over the buns like a pork tenderloin and are cooked well done. Grilled onions are a free option, which we both requested and they came on a separate plate. Other items at the table are ketchup, mustard, pickles and jalapenos. When Linda commented on the burger being too much, the lady did tell us that there is a secret extra small burger that is 1/4. She said that you could also order a double, triple or quad burger. We didn't ask about the pricing on the other sizes.

The burger and the bun were otherwise ordinary. This joint is more about being a hard to find, inexpensive dive with history and friendly service. Very friendly! When I called to confirm the hours one day, the lady who answered the phone even offered to stay later if I needed.

Jack's Coffee Shop dining room
This is about a third of the seating

Each table has a communal bowl of potato chips

cheeseburgers at Jack's Coffee Shop
Large burger, grilled onions, small burger

Jack's Coffee Shop Menu - Wichita, Kansas
The entire menu from May 2016

Jack's Coffee Shop Map - Wichita, Kansas
Jack's Coffee Shop Map

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