Wilmore Carousel

 205 Main Street
Wilmore, Kansas 67155
(620) 738-4420

No set hours - "Honk to ride"

Wilmore Carousel Map

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Wilmore Carousel - Wilmore, Kansas
Wilmore Carousel
Wilmore Carousel - Wilmore, Kansas

Ernie Griffin wanted to bring a carousel to Wilmore, Kansas and he and his wife Christy located this carousel in 2013. It had been built in Venice, Italy about 10 years earlier and had been used in shopping malls, prior to being stored in a warehouse. The carousel has been errected on municipal property in Wilmore and the carousel and the pad on which it sits were built by the Griffins with the help of their neighbors.

The Griffins split their year between Wilmore and San Diego, California, spending the Fall and late spring in Kansas. The Wilmore Carousel doesn't have regular hours. Folk pull up and honk their horn. If available, the Griffins or a neighbor come out to open and operate the carousel. At no charge. This is a wonderful gift to the public!

There are 13 horses on the Wilmore Carrousel


Ernie Griffin with the Wilmore Kansas Carousel
Ernie Griffin

Carousel and the Sears House in Wilmore, Kansas
Wilmore Carousel with yellow brick road leading to it and the Sears House

Wilmore, Kansas Carousel

Wilmore Carousel Map - Wilmore, Kansas
Wilmore Carousel Map

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