Alma Creamery

509 East Third
Alma, Kansas 66401
(785) 765-3522   (866) 765-3522

Archive page only - the Alma Creamery Store permanently closed in 2023

Alma Bakery and Sweet Shoppe  Kansas Specialty foods

Alma Creamery - Alma, Kansas
Alma Creamery - home of the famous Alma Cheese
Alma Creamery

Archive page only - the Alma Creamery Store permanently closed in 2023. Some of their products are available in Alma at Stop 2 Shop, 100 Missouri Ave, Alma, KS 66401

The first time I visited Alma Creamery in Alma, Kansas, the only item available for sampling was pepper jack cheese, which I do not care for. The prices seemed a little high at that time, and I decided not to buy high priced cheeses when I didn't know what they tasted like.

But on a later visit, there were several cheeses available for sampling. The prices had remained about the same, but dairy products have gone up other places and Alma Creamery's prices seem more reasonable. Better yet, when I selected the cheeses I wanted, I found that they have uneven cuts of cheese available for a dollar less per pound. 

My favorite cheeses from Alma Creamery have been their extra sharp cheeses which are 6 or more years old. I have never found them at other outlets.

Cheeses available from Alma Creamery include cheddar, colby, pepper jack, Monterey jack, co-jack, curds, and parmesan. My favorites are New York sharp and extra sharp cheddar. Alma Creamery also sells their own milk as well as other Kansas specialty food products from Wyldewood Cellars Winery, Grandma Hoerner's, and jerky & sausage from Prairie Thunder Elk.

Alma Creamery is located 3 miles South of I-70, exit 328, on Highway 99.


Retail cheese cooler at Alma Creamery

Extra old, extra sharp cheddar at Alma Creamery
Extra, extra sharp cheddar cheeses made in 2014, 2013 & 2010

Alma Creamery Map - Alma, Kansas
Alma Creamery Map

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