Bourbon & Baker

312 Poyntz Avenue
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
(785) 320-4959

Monday - Thursday 11 AM - 11 PM
Friday & Saturday 11 AM - Midnight

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Bourbon and Baker - Manhattan, Kansas
Bourbon and Baker
Bourbon & Baker - Manhattan, Kansas

Bourbon & Baker opened in downtown Manhattan, Kansas in 2013 as a unique combination of a production bakery in the back and a restaurant and bar serving Midwestern and Southern comfort food on small plates. Items come out as soon as a given dish is ready. The dishes have distinctive complex flavors. This is food which keeps your attention.

During my first visit, I tried two appetizers, starting with duck fat French fries. The fries were made with Kennebec potatoes and served with a broiled egg and Mornay sauce. I wasn't sure about the egg, but left it in place while pouring the sauce over the top. I wouldn't have believed it, but the combination of flavors and textures was fabulous!

The second dish was called "Ain't no thing but a chicken wing." Jumbo wings, with citrus herb brine, buttermilk, deep fried, with citrus almond pecan hot sauce. The dish reminded me of the wonderful Korean fried chicken wings at BLVD Tavern in Kansas City, Missouri. I enjoyed them, but think I would have liked them better with a different brine. The leftovers were good a couple of days later.

My second visit was in August 2022. This time, the first plate out was the Burnt Ends CB&J (Bourbon pork belly burnt ends confit, spiced cashew butter, peach jam, pickled peppers, fry bread). This was good, but I would enjoy it better without the meat. Brussels Sprouts (olive oil, sea salt, lemon, sweet cider vinaigrette, parmesan cheese) came next. It was the largest serving and the dish I cared the least for. The flavor was interesting, but the dish was stringy and tough.

The Deviled Eggs (pecan bacon, shirataki relish, roasted corn pickle relish, chicharron, smoked paprika, Sriracha) has been my favorite dish by far. The eggs filled my mouth with wonderful flavors from the first bite. Really wonderful!

The meal was followed by a Doc Swinson's Whiskey Flight with one ounce each pours of Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Triple Cask Bourbon, Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Rum Cask Rye, and Doc Swinson's Blender's Cut Straight Bourbon. All three were slightly tropical fruit like and I may have the Rye again sometime.

There was no room for anything else, but Bourbon & Baker also has desserts to go and the $10 Assorted Cookie Pack was well received when I returned home. Each of the four cookies was about the size of four regular cookies. My favorite had chocolate chips, pecans, and white chocolate chips. It also had the best snickerdoodle I've ever had.

I need to get back here when there are other people with me so I can sample even more of the menu.

Bourbon & Baker Patio

Bourbon and Baker
Bourbon & Baker Dining Room

Bourbon & Baker Bar

Bourbon and Baker Kitchen - Manhattan, Kansas
Bourbon & Baker Kitchen

Duck fat French fries - Bourbon and Baker
Duck fat French fries

Chicken wings
"Ain't no thing but a chicken wing" (not on most recent menu)

Burnt Ends CBJ - Bourbon and Baker
Burnt Ends CB&J

Brussels Sprouts - Bourbon and Baker
Brussels Sprouts

Deviled Eggs - Bourbon and Baker
Deviled Eggs

Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Triple Cask Bourbon, Doc Swinson's Alter Ego Rum Cask Rye, Doc Swinson's Blender's Cut Straight Bourbon
Doc Swinson's Whiskey Flight

Assorted Cookie Pack - Bourbon and Baker
Assorted Cookie Pack

Bourbon and Baker Menu - Manhattan, Kansas
Bourbon & Baker menu from August 2022

Bourbon and Baker Map - Manhattan, Kansas
Bourbon & Baker Map

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