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Kansas is filled with great places to get hamburgers, some of them nearly 100 years old. Every restaurant included in this list of the Top Ten Burgers in Kansas has been sampled by our editors on at least two occasions, if not many more.  Like us on Facebook
Nu Grille Cafe - Fort Scott, Kansas#10 The Bowman's Nu Grille Cafe restaurant in Fort Scott, Kansas is the kind of classic place and food that I am always looking for. Nu Grill opened in 1946. The front room has a nice old counter where you can watch the food prepared and there are three additional dining areas. 

The made to order cheeseburgers with grilled onions are thin, but well cooked and tasty. They are available in regular, jumbo and double jumbo.

Nu Grille Cafe, 24 N. National Avenue, Fort Scott, Kansas 66701 (620) 223-9949 

Bob's Grill - Pittsburg, Kansas#9 There has been a restaurant at the location of Bob's Grill in Pittsburg, Kansas since 1946. It became Bob's Grill in 1964 and the current owner is the third owner of the Grill. This little restaurant is open only for breakfast and lunch, closing at 1PM on Saturdays and all day on Sundays. Breakfast or lunch is available any time it is open.

The burger shown is the triple cheeseburger. It is served with pickle, mustard and onion - grilled onion if you wish. Just a simple greasy burger, but it is so good. 

Bob's Grill, 1014 N Broadway Street, Pittsburg, Kansas 66762  (620) 232-9738

B.R.G.R. - Praririe Village, Kansas#8 B.R.G.R. Kitchen and Bar was one of the first Kansas City area gourmet burger restaurants when it opened in 2010 in the Corinth Square Shopping Center in Prairie Village, Kansas. B.R.G.R has made a number of changes since it first opened. Most of them are for the better, for example, the half pound burgers are now one thick burger, rather than the two thin burgers they served at first.

For a specialty burger, we recommend the 1/2 pound Roadhouse burger with bacon, Wisconsin cheddar, onion straws & bbq sauce on a toasted corn bun.

B.R.G.R., 4038 W. 83rd Street, Prairie Village, Kansas 66208  (913) 825-2747

Beef Burger Bob's - Neodesha, Kansas#7 Beef Burgers are are a locally popular sandwich in the Fredonia, Kansas area. Beef Burger Bob's first opened in Fredonia, Kansas in the 1950s as the Iceberg Drive In. Bob and Tony Babcock bought the Iceberg in 1972. Over time they expanded it into a restaurant and renamed it with the nickname that their customers had given to Bob. After 37 years, they moved to a smaller location in nearby Neodesha, Kansas. The new location has just 5 tables.

Beef burgers are loose meat sandwiches, much in the spirit of NuWay and Maid-Rite. But beef burgers are not as crumbly and hold together better. 

Beef Burger Bob's, 621 Main Street, Neodesha, Kansas 66757   (620) 325-5500 

Ty's Diner - Wichita, Kansas#6 Ty's Diner in Wichita, Kansas isn't a diner, but a 59 year old hamburger joint. It is the kind of burger joint where people wait in line most of the few hours Ty's is open each day. But the wait is rarely more than 15 minutes. The menu is simple and the hamburgers are hand formed from ground beef that is delivered each morning and the French fries are cut fresh each day.

The burgers can be ordered with toppings such as jalapenos, ham, bacon or grilled onions. You won't go wrong with the bacon cheeseburger.

Ty's Diner, 928 W. 2nd Street North, Wichita, Kansas 67203  (316) 263-1416 

Nu-Way Cafe - Wichita, Kansas#5 The Nu-Way Cafe on West Douglas in Wichita, Kansas is the flagship of a small chain of restaurants serving crumbly, loose meat sandwiches - much like Maid-Rite. This was the very first Nu-Way and opened on July 4, 1930. Nu-Way Cafe has good French fries and even better onion rings. The great root beer is made daily and makes a wonderful root beer float.

The crumbly loose hamburgers are very good. Many people visit the store just to try the product they remember from years ago when there were more Nu-Way restaurants across the center of the country.

Nu-Way Cafe, 1416 W. Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67203  (316) 267-1131 

Snack Shack on Santa Fe - Overland Park, Kansas#4 The Snack Shack on Santa Fe in Overland Park, Kansas has gone through several identities in a short time. It opened as the Shake Shack in 2010, but after repeated threats of a lawsuit from a small fast food chain in the eastern US, changed its name. The Snak Shack closed in the summer of 2011, but a new family reopened the restaurant as the "Snack" Shack on Santa Fe in September of that year. The restaurant became more professional and they started taking credit cards. Best of all, they kept using fresh hamburger from Bichelmeyer Meats in Kansas City, Kansas. 

The specialty burger that stands out is the Bobby Burger which has two 1/3 pound patties, four slices of cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos.

Snack Shack, 8039 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, Kansas 66204  (913) 381-3200 

Downtown Diner - Olathe, Kansas#3 Downtown Diner is located just a few blocks east of the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe, Kansas. The restaurant is owned by Rich and Sue Caines who used to operate the restaurant at the Double Nickel. Rich runs the kitchen, while Sue runs the front of the house. The Caines are doing a lot of things right, including offering great specialty burgers, breakfast all day and excellent smoked meats. They even raise their own pigs.

We like several of the specialty burgers. My new favorite is the Sheboygan burger - hamburger, Swiss cheese, house made Italian sausage, grilled onions, sauerkraut.

Downtown Diner, 409 E. Santa Fe Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062  (913) 764-1002 

Bomber Burger - Wichita, Kansas#2 Bomber Burger in Wichita, Kansas first opened in 1951 and it has been in the Rickard family since 1985. Chris Rickard, who presently runs it, took over in 1997 following the death of his father, Paul Rickard. Bomber Burger has a counter with seven stools and four small, two person tables. The food is served with an attitude.

The burgers are grilled slowly (15-20 minutes), so they stay very moist. They are sprinkled with a secret mixture of garlic powder & other spices and, despite being more done then I prefer, are the best cheeseburgers I have had in Wichita. 

Bomber Burger, 4860 S. Clifton Avenue, Wichita, Kansas 67216  (316) 522-6291 

Prairie Nut Hut - Altoona, Kansas#1 The Prairie Nut Hut in Altoona, Kansas is a unique little bar and grill. Originally opened in the 1940s or 50s (the present owners are uncertain), the Prairie Nut Hut was operated as the A&B Tavern and well known for serving mountain oysters until closing in the 1980s. It was reopened mid 1990s, and is now a fun place to get generous servings of hamburgers, chicken fried steak and mountain oysters.

As good as the mountain oysters at Altoona's Prairie Nut Hut are, the hamburgers are even better. The Rohr burger (with grilled onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese) is as good a burger as I have ever had.

Prairie Nut Hut, 1306 Quincy Street, Altoona, Kansas 66710  (620) 568-2900 

There are many other great places to get a burger in Kansas, though sometimes it may be more about the setting and the tradition then the food. Here are reviews of Austin's Bar & Grill in Olathe, Bobo's Drive In in Topeka, The Cozy Inn in Salina, Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City, Grandstand Burgers in Overland Park, R-B Drive In in Hutchinson, Specks Bar and Grill in Topeka and Town Topic in Mission.

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