Chancy's Grill
& Shake

811 North Cedar Street
Moran, Kansas 66755
(620) 237-4534

Mon - Thurs: 6AM - 9PM
Fri: 6AM - 10PM   Sat: 6AM - 3PM

Chancy's Grill & Shake Menu
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Chancy's Grill and Shake
Chancy's Grill & Shake - Moran, Kansas

Chancy's Grill & Shake in Moran, Kansas was one of the many restaurants we learned of when our Best Kansas Burgers page was first published. Chancy's opened in 1969 and has been under the same owner since 1991. It has a fairly large menu and they serve breakfast all day.

During our first visit to Chancy's, the server asked if we had been there before and when she learned we had not, spent about 5 minutes talking about the menu, what was good and what was special. The 1/3 lb. hickory burger (pepper jack, hickory BBQ sauce, pickle and onion) was good (one of the best burgers I have had), but could be even better if they asked how customer's wanted burger  cooked. 

The French fries are good, but the house made curly fries are very good. I had them with chili & cheese. Without the cheese, they might have been the best chili fries I have ever had. 

The service has continued to be good on repeat visits. Other customers are quick to start conversations.

This is the majority of the seating. There is also a counter with 5 stools.

Pork tenderloin, chili cheese fries - Chancy's Grill
Pork tenderloin with chili cheese fries

Hickory burger

Chancy's Grill and Shake Menu
Chancy's Grill & Shake Menu from November 2018

Chancy's Grill and Shake Map
Chancy's Grill & Shake Map

Unique Kansas Restaurants
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