Dalton Defenders Museum & Coffeyville History Museum
  814 S Walnut Street
Coffeyville, Kansas  67337
(620) 251-5944

Open 10AM-4PM Monday - Saturday
1PM-4PM Sunday
Adults: $8     7-17: $5     66+: $7
Combination admission with Brown Mansion $17

Condon Bank    Dalton Gang Graves
Dalton Defenders Museum Map

The Coffeyville, Kansas historic plaza was the scene of the defeat of the Dalton Gang on October 5, 1892. The Daltons were accomplished train robbers, but met their fate when they tried to rob two banks (C.M. Condon Bank & First National Bank) in Coffeyville at the same time. The gang was made up of Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, Emmett Dalton, Bill Power; and Dick Broadwell.

The Dalton Gang arrived early in the morning, expecting to tie their horses up next to one of the banks, but the hitching post had been removed. Instead of leaving one of their members to hold the horses, they decided to hitch the horses down an alley at the far side of the plaza. 

The Daltons were from the area and were wearing false beards to disguise themselves, but someone recognized one of them as they crossed the square to enter the banks. Citizens armed themselves with weapons from adjacent Isham hardware and other stores and were ready for the gang when they left the banks.

There was a running gun battle in which eight men died and four were wounded. All of the gang except for Emmett Dalton were killed. Four of the defenders of Coffeyville (Lucius Baldwin, Charles Brown, Marshal C.T. Connelly, and George Cubine) were also killed. Although Emmett was severely wounded and not expected to live, he recovered and served 14 years in jail before being pardoned. He lived until July 13, 1937.

The story of that day is told in the Dalton Defenders Museum & Coffeyville History Museum which opened in 1963. The museum also has exhibits relating to Coffeyville history, notable Coffeyville residents, and baseball Hall of Famer Walter Johnson. The museum moved to the present building in 2019.

Main Gallery

Mementos of the Dalton raid

.38 caliber British Bulldog carried by Bob Dalton during the bank robbery

Notable Names Gallery

Coffeyville Goes to War Gallery

Working Coffeyville Gallery

Walter Johnson exhibit
Walter Johnson was one of the first five players inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
He was born in Humboldt, Kansas. During his baseball playing years, his wife lived on a farm near Coffeyville
and he would return during the off season until her death in 1930. 

Dalton Defenders Museum in Coffeyville, Kansas
Former location of the Dalton Defenders Museum, which moved in 2019

Dalton Defenders Museum Map - Coffeyville, Kansas
Dalton Defenders Museum Map

One of the Banks robbed by the Daltons was in the Perkins Building
Dalton Gang Graves

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