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Dalton Gang Graves

 Elmwood & Eldridge Streets 
Coffeyville, Kansas  67337
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Elmwood Cemetery Map

Dalton Defenders Museum

Dalton Gang graves - Elmwood Cemetery
Entrence to Coffeyville's Elmwood Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery - Coffeyville, Kansas

Elmwood Cemetery in Coffeyville, Kansas is best known as the burial site of 3 members of the Dalton gang and two town defenders. Coffeyville was where the Dalton Gang, made up of Grat Dalton, Bob Dalton, Emmett Dalton, Bill Power, and Dick Broadwell, met their fate when they tried to rob two banks at the same time.

The Dalton Gang arrived in Coffeyville early in the morning of October 5, 1892, expecting to tie their horses up next to one of the banks. But the hitching post had been removed and instead of leaving one of their members to hold the horses, they decided to hitch the horses down an alley at the far side of the plaza. 

One of the members of the Dalton Gang was recognized as they crossed the square and Coffeyville's citizens were ready for the gang when they left the banks.

There was a running gun battle in which eight men died and four were wounded. Except for Emmett Dalton, alll of the Dalton Gang members were killed. Four of Coffeyville's defenders (Lucius Baldwin, Charles Brown, Marshal C.T. Connelly, and George Cubine) were also killed. Although Emmett Dalton was severely wounded and not expected to live, he recovered and served 14 years in jail before being pardoned. He lived until July 13, 1937

Bob Dalton, Grat Dalton and Bill Powers are buried in the same plot. For years, their graves were marked with only the metal pipe which was the hitching post to which they tied their horses on the day they died. Today the graves of three Dalton gang members are marked with a stone purchased years later by their brother Emmett.

The graves of two of the Coffeyville Defender's, Charles Brown & George Cubine, are nearby. As is the grave of Frank Dalton (brother of the gang members), who was killed in 1887, in the line of duty as a U.S. Deputy Marshal. All of the graves face to the west.

Elmwood Cemetery is easy to find. Take Eldridge Street west from the Brown Mansion off south 169 Highway Signs clearly mark the way and will lead you through Elmwood Cemetery to the Dalton gang graves and the map in the picture below.

Elmwood Cemetery map to Dalton gang graves
Map and directions to Dalton gang and related graves. The sign erroneously says that Frank Dalton's grave is 100
yards west. It is less than 100 feet away.

Bob Dalton, Grat Dalton and Bill Powers' grave
Hitching post and grave stone for Bob Dalton, Grat Dalton and Bill Powers.

U. S Marshall Frank Dalton's grave. The stone was provided by
"his loving mother." His brother's graves are in the background

Grave of Dalton Defender - George Cubine
Grave of Dalton Defender - George Cubine.

grave of Dalton Defender - Charles Brown
Probably the grave of Dalton Defender - Charles Brown. It is no longer legible,
but could still be read if someone made an etching with pencil and paper

W.P. Brown family graves
The Brown family providing gas service to Coffeyville and owned the nearby Silurian Springs Bath House.
The stone in the right foreground is the marker for the head of the household, William Pitzer (W.P.) Brown.

Coffeyville Civil War monument in Ellmwood Cemetery
The Civil War monument at the north end of the cemetery is all but
ignored as it sits behind trees and away from the most used enterence.

One of the banks which the Dalton's attempted to rob, and other buildings remain today. Be sure to visit the Dalton Defenders Museum in downtown Coffeyville.

Elmwood Cemetery Map - Coffeyville, Kansas
Elmwood Cemetery Map

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